December 22, 2012
From the Very Beginning to the Very End
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Hey all you Xphiles out there!

Welcome to december 22, 2012- where The X-FIles never dies.

Even though the show has ended, That doesn't mean the fan base must die! There is still a movie and fanfic is still being published every day!

I am sad that so many sites are shutting down and so many fans are leaving, but that is the order of things. I want to inform you all that December 22, 2012 will NEVER be shut down.  (Unless Geocities goes in which case we will move)

This is the place where the legacy will continue through fan to fan contact, fan fiction, current updates on the second movie and actor project and much more. You can play games, vote in polls, enter contests for real prizes, share your stories, art, and ideas as well as your opinions.

December 22, 2012 for those of you who do not know, is the day of the Alien take over according to the syndicate. To be a fan to the very end shows your dedication and deep respect for The X-Files.

I hope this site lives up to everyone's expectations. It will be reworked  and added to every day.  Thanks to all of you fans who love this show so much that you've posted and participated in the X-Files Experience.

Until December 22, 2012!