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Here are some of the great sites i know online.

bobstricktips.com :     Nice newschool and oldschool trick tips!
puresk8.com :     Nice design and good contents skatesite.
switchmagazine.com :    Great international skatesite with skate tips and videos.
www.reeseforbes.com : the site of reese forbes
skate.agoride.com : a good french site with bunches of videos and stuff( where i stole stuff from)
www.unicron.net : where i stole stuff from
Skateboard teams:
emericaskate.com :   Emerican skateboarders
esfootwear.com :   ÚS footwear homepage
etnies.com :   Etnies footwear homepage
Globeshoes.com : Globe shoes & apparel
Libskates.com : Lib technologies skateboards
c1rca.com : circa footwear
decaskateboards.com : Deca skateboards
vans.com : vans site
Epitaph.com : Punk records
RATM.com : Rage against the machine homepage
Punkbands.com : Site dedicated to punkbands
thelivingend.com : punks from australia
nofxonline.com : Nofx site on punkbands.com
4ftfingers.com : The british punks homepage
propagandhi.com : propagandhi's website
rancidrancid.com : crappy rancid homepage
machetemfg.com : punk music apparel
punkhardcore.com : Punk site
punkandjunk.com :   ~"~"~"~"~
Rotten.com : If your tired of all the punk shit go to this site youll   never forget
oocities.com/simacanjagoan : a stupid but nice stupid site of my stupid friend
cnn.com : be the first to know -_-
expn.com : extreme sports site