How To Hack A Hack
Written By Me
With A "lil" Help From SuperMatt (sircomputer of the state of california)
Actually I don't think I need one.
1) Obtain an illegeal, bootleg, warez of (a hacking simulation)
2) Make a folder under the C drive entitled "MY Folder" and extract to it.
3) Play Uplink until you feel the need to hack into it because your Agent wants lots of money, say 16 million credits.
4) Create a new Agent called monkey and connect to Uplink Internal Services, and go to Software Upgrades. Buy 3 data_copier's to have a total amount of credits of 2700 (this will make the hex hacking much easier)
5) Now exit out of Uplink.
6) Search the internet for redshirt. Hint: Go to google and type: download -athlete -startrek (as this will search for pages with download and redshirt, and disclude athlete and startrek, becase redshirt can be related to that somehow...)
7) After 35 minutes of searching for, download it with DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) and extract it to c:\MY Folder\Uplink\Users
8) Search the internet for Hex Hacker 4.11
9) Download it with DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) and then install under the program files.
10) Now go to Start>Run...>cmd.exe (this runs command prompt)
11) With Command Prompt open,where it says: C:\>cd c:\, type: cd c:\MY Folder\Uplink\User (cd changes command prompt's drive to default c:\MY Folder\Uplink\User)
12) Command Prompt should read C:\MY Folder\Uplink\Users >
13) Type redshirt /d monkey.usr monkey.hex (this will decode the .usr (ascii) file into a hex file, which can be ((easier)) modified)
14) Now open Hex Workshop 4.11 and load the monkey.hex file.
15) Go to Tools> Base Converter, and change the Byte Order to Intel (Little Endian), the Data Type to Signed Long (Long) and type into the Decimal field box 2700 (which is the Agents ((monkey's)) current financial situation)
16) Now you should have a Hex Code and a Binary Number.Select the Hex code and right-click to copy.
17) Go under File> Find. Make sure the Type is Hex Values, and paste the Hex Code, you calculated from the Base Converter, into the find Value field. Select Find All Instances, and click search.
18) You should only come up with 1-3 (variable) results. Click the last address, and scroll up in Data Inspector. Your Agents name and password should be above the hex code you just found.
19) Change the hex code to FF FF FF 00. (It may ask if you really want to delete/overwrite the code)
20) Save the monkey.hex as is.
21) Go back to the Command Prompt, and type /e monkey.hex monkey.usr (this should decode the file from .hex back to .usr.
22) You now have just hacked your Agent's credit from 2700c to 16002700 (hopefully).
23) Load the game and hope it doesn't crash after the login. <G>
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