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Well the film didn't get finished over the summer, we're still in the process of getting it started to be edited... And I just finished a little more of the drywall in the basement today too. School is going to be very work demanding this semester I think, I can foresee lots of problems arising. I'm a radio lab aide now too, so maybe I will actually get some homework done while I'm sitting over there for 4 hours at a time. I've been thinking about redoing this page too, but we'll see.

Done with school and on to bigger and better things, like re-finishing the basement so I can move down there and making "Final Cut" for an independent study over the summer. Make sure you go back to www.xtsquintx.com for all my current webpage projects (ie. Element 101 tribute site and Project Mayhem).

I have a real domain name now: www.xtsquintx.com. But it would be a royal pain in the ass to transfer this page, since I'm on dialup right now. So instead I'm just linking here from there... how cool.