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Hello visitors,
     We are a group of English teachers from  Karak in the south of Jordan  trying to work on enhancing our students' writing skill  in English language . Of course nothing is perfect but we tried our best and we will continue with this work ; as you know writing is not a one class or one year activity .
      As part of worl-dlinks workshops, we appreciate any advice and comment we receive from any of you
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon . Please write your opnion on the page which is especially for that or please write what you think on an email or in the guest book  .
                                            Thank you all. 
What do you think?
      Some people say that if you want something to be well done do it your self. I don't know what do you think but for my colleagues and me ,this project proves that this is not always true.
     Please read this project and tell us how our students have been doing all through the project .
A fact:
       Writing is an activity which is a mixture of talent and knowledge not a talent only . Therefore , we are trying throughout our project to develop the students' knowledge of English structure because the structure is the form through which we  can express our thoughts and feelings .
      We hope to mix the talent with knowledge to get creative writing  for those who already have the talent and for those who don't  use the language correctly to express themselves .
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stage 4
To Kawther Tail Al-Hassan because she got the first in  the best essay in world - links competition on My experience with ICT. you can read her essay in the fourth edition of world-links newletter.
Manar Hani Teimat for  being in the third place in the same competition .Read here essay here
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