The Story of Bardock
Years ago, Frieza took over the Planet Vegeta and used its inhabitants, the Saiyans, as mercenaries to conquer other planets in his name. Bardock, a low class Saiyan, travels with his partners to a planet far off in the universe. Once at the planet, they show no mercy and destroy all the inhabitants. While they are relaxing in a crater, Tooro, the only surviving member of the planet, attacks Bardok and gives him the ability to see his cursed future. Bardock immediately eliminates Tooro and falls to the ground, unconscious. Back at Planet Vegeta, Bardok is placed in the recovering room. Meanwhile, Bardock's son, Kakarot, is born. Frieza begins to grow tired of the Saiyan race and has thoughts about destroying them because they could possibly become a threat. At this time, Vegeta is a child and has an extraordinarily high power level for his age. He asks Frieza to send him to another planet to conquer and leaves with Nappa. Bardock finally regained consciousness and arose from his recovery bed. He did not believe the event that left him crippled took place nor did he believe that he could see the future. He discovers his teammates left to destroy another planet without him. After a few moments, Bardock leaves to join his teammates.

Once he arrives the planet, Bardock begins the search for his teammates. He knows that something's not right when he sees some figures on the ground in the distance. When he goes to investigate, it ends up that his friends are dead. One of them is barely alive and tells Bardock how Frieza sabotaged them. Bardock also learns of Frieza's plot to destroy Planet Vegeta. Suddenly, Bardock encounters some of Frieza's henchmen and engages in battle. Bardock is fine until he has a vision of his son growing up and loses concentration. Despite the headache, Bardock manages to defeat all the henchmen except for Dodoria. Dodoria executes a single fireball and defeats Bardock. Meanwhile, Kakarot is sent to the planet Earth to destroy it when he grows up, saving him from destruction.

Bardock survives, but is badly injured. Despite this, he travels back to the planet Vegeta to warn the other Saiyans of Frieza's plot. Bardock tells his comrades of the future, but the Saiyans take it as a joke. They mock him and Bardock realizes that he will be all alone in this lonely final battle. Frieza's spaceship approaches the planet's atmosphere and Bardock charges toward it in rage, while on the other side of the planet, Koola's ship takes off into distant space. Hundreds of Frieza's henchmen are despatched from his ship and attack Bardock. Bardock defeats all those who fly at him with his magnificent power. Frieza comes out of his ship and laughes at Bardock. Bardock creates a powerful fireball and launches it in Frieza's direction in an attempt to destroy him and alter the fate of his planet. The betraying Frieza continues to laugh and easily creates a giant ki ball which is about twenty times the size of Bardock's. Bardock's blast is absorbed by Frieza's which continues inching towards the Planet Vegeta. Bardock, Frieza's henchmen, Planet Vegeta, and all in its path are destroyed.

Bardock sees the future one last time before he dies. He sees his son growing up, he sees Kakarot have a powerful son named Gohan, he sees Kakarot encounter Frieza, and dies a happy death whispering, "My son lives on"... Vegeta and Nappa were at another planet at the time, so they survive. They are told that their planet was hit by a meteor and completely destroyed, but Vegeta gives no signs of concern. Kakarot's two older brothers, Radditz and Turles, were also at a safe distance, but don't seem to be bothered by the planet's destruction either. As for Kakarot, he lands on planet Earth and is found by Son Gohan who adopts him and renames him Goku. Thus, the beginning of a magnificent story commences...Dragon Ball.
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