Goku's Outfit - This is the most common, used outfit that Goku wears. It is called a "Gi". The symbols on front and back are called "Kenji" and they're Kaiosama's symbol. The outfit has a navy-blue shirt and orange pants.It also has an orange vest. The outfit also consists of weighted clothing, this way Goku can increase his power. Later Goku has an outfit that has a white shirt and a white pair of pants.

Piccolo's/Gohans Outfit - Piccolo's and Gohan's outfit is composed of a white cape, white turban, and purple clothing. Really the outfit is Piccolo's but Gohan designed one that resembled Piccolo's. The outfit is pretty heavy, this way it helps Piccolo and Gohan increase their power.

Saiyan Armor - This is the armor that all Saiyans wear. It was used by Frieza, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Krillin, Nappa, Frieza's Henchman and all the Ginyu Force. The Saiyan Armor changes from time to time with better armor/protection.

Trunks' Outfit - This outfit is composed of gray pants, a black shirt with a blue Capsule Corp. jacket,a sword and sheath is carried on the back of the body. Note: This outfit is only worn by Mirai no Trunks, no Chibi Trunks.

Fusion Outfit - This outfit is used by the Gotenks (Goten and Trunks fused together) and Gogeta (Goku and Vegeta fused). It consists of a black vest with orange around the arm holes, black wrist band, black belts, white pants and shoes.

Great Saiyaman's Outfit - This outfit was created by Bulma in the late DBZ series. It was made by Bulma for Gohans purpose. Gohan wanted to be a super hero but in a outfit so nobody could know, but Videl, a school mate finds out. The outfit changes but very little. The helmet which was part of the suit changed to a white cloth because of the Tenki Boutendai which you aren't supposed to have any armor/protection.