What is Dragonball?-general review
Dragonball started with a young girl named Bulma that met up with a young boy named Gokou. Dragonball. The Japanese manga created by Akira Toriyama. Long, long ago, a boy, Son Gokou, lived deep in a mountain. Having grown up wildly, he was completely innocent. The story begins one day when a precocious and sexy girl, who is searching for the so called Dragonballs, came there by the strange car. Seven such Dragonballs scattered about the world. If a person gathers them all together and chants a magic formula, a sacred dragon is supposed to appear to grant one wish, no matter what it may be. And the ball which the boy has was one of the seven. But he could not hand it over, because that was a memento of an old man who raised him. On the other hand, he also could not go against the old man's direction to be nice to women. So, they set out a journey in a quest of the seven Dragonballs together. This series contains magic, apparitions and mutations come and go in it. Moreover, mechanisms with the science fiction touch appear to create an entirely fantastic world. And various characters appearing in this series proceed to create a thrilling and delightful adventure in each segment as they stake their dreams and ideals to search for the seven Dragonballs.