What is Dragonball Z-general review
(If there are any names you do not recognise then please look them up in the Charaters section on the site. This will give you information on all their details and relationships etc. Enjoy!)

Once again a Japanese manga created by Akira Toriyama, Dragonball Z is the follow up to the Dragonball series. The story carries on from Dragonball streight from the start. In the last episode of Dragonball Goku and Chi-Chi get married. Well at the start of Dragonball Z the emphasis is based around Gohan. Who is Goku and Chi-Chi's son. Because Goku is Saiyan and Chi-Chi is human it means that Gohan is only Half Saiyan. However this does not mean that he will not grow up to be strong. It actually means the oposite, which is that his power can increase dramatically at a very young age. The general story around Dragonball Z is slightly different to that of Dragonball. In Dragonball all that everyone wanted to do was get the Dragonballs and Rule the world. In Dragoball Z the legendery Super Saiyan is included throughout the story and is the main idle throught out. The very start of Dragonbal Z is about how Radditz (Goku's brother travels to Earth to destroy it. He comes acroos Goku there and Kidnaps his son Gohan. Because at the time Goku's power level was less than that of Raditz, Goku's long lasting Enimy Piccolo agrees to join in. At this time piccolo is actually stronger than Goku. There is a massive battle between Radditz until eventualy Goku sacrisises him self to kill Radditz. This is done when Goku holds his brother and Piccolo then fires his special attack 'Special Beam Connon', which goes streight through Goku and Radditz. The end of that. Goku is dead and can be wished back by the Dragonballs as it is the first time he has dies (The Dragonballs will bring anyone back who has died once but not twice!) however Goku wants some time to train and he meets King Kai who on his own small planet trains Goku. This planet has gravity 10 times that of each and ther is a Monkey called Bubles and a Grasshopper called Gregory. After this Goku returns to each to find even more trouble. Nappa and Vegeta are two saiyans who have been sent to each to finish the job that Radditz failed. They are much stronger than Radditz. This time the other Z fighters are there before Goku. They are all fight the first fighter 'Nappa' who is a large person with a strong power level. He is basically Vegeta;s personal boddy guard. Nappa successfully kills Chazou, Yamcha and Piccolo. Gohan is the next person up and with only a little training since the Radditz saga he is still very weak in comparrison to Nappa. Just because Gohan starts fighting, Goku Returs. He is fresh from training in the After World and his power has increased dramatically. He easily destroys Nappa and moves on to Vegeta. Vegeta is only slightly weaker than Goku and there is a massive battle between them. Especially when Vegeta goes into his Oozlang stage which increases his size and powerlever to surpass Goku's. Vegeta then looses this stage and becomes normal again. The surprise is next. Gohan then also goes Oozlang just like vetgeta. With Goku seriously beaten from the battle with Vegeta, its all upto Gohan who has little control over his actions in this stage. He nearly kills Vegeta. Everyone is then laying on the floor almost dead when vegeta summons enough energy to craw back to his space ship. Krillin manages to stand up and go over to Vegeta. He holds a sword close to him and goes to kill him. However Goku calls out for Krillin to let him live. Vegeta then leaves and is placed in a hospitalisation changer which begins to recover him. Goku then goes to hospital to recover also but doesnt like it and he also looses a lot of streinght whilst in there. The Next part of Dragonball Z is based around an alien named Freiza. He is extremley evil and his power surpasses any living being. His mission is to Gain Imortality by gathering the Dragonball's and then to rule the universe. This is all going fine until Goku and his freinds step in. At first Goku is no challenge to Freiza only having 1% of the power as freiza. However instead of destroying Goku freiza decides to almost play games with Goku. Letting him think that he has a chance of winning puruly in the interest of Entertainment. Goku's strength increases dramatically and gains the upper hand for a short period of time. However freiza just increases his power level even higher and then looks unbeatable. With Goku tired from performing a massive attack it looks like freiza could easily destroy Goku. Freiza then kills Goku's best freind Krillin. This makes Goku mad and because of anger Goku turns Super Saiyan. He then easily destroys Freiza but does not return to each for several years as he is training on another planet. Vegeta is also involved in this Freiza Saga as to in Gohan, Piccolo and Bulma as well as Krillin. Vegeta and Krillin are both killed at the hands of freiza and are wished back by the Dragonballs.

The next area of the story is bassed around a scientists called Dr. Gero, who was the main baddy in the Dragonball series. This story is bassed around a trvelar from the future called Trunks who is Vegeta's and Bulma's son. He comes back in time to warn them about to evil androids who will come in a few years. From this point the story has several twists concerning the furute and present time. After the androids there are 2 other main baddies, Cell (who is probably the main villan after Freiza) and Buu. The story for each of these is basically the same as the Freiza saga, its all about Revenge and Power. Goku Dies at the end of the Cell saga but somehow is wished back to fight Buu by swapping his life with someone else. At the end of Dragonball Z Goku is the most power person alive again and his son Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Goten all achive major power increases making the future safe.

The other 3 saga's that did not have a large found up (the ones above) can be found in the Saga reviews setion where there is a full review for every single saga in the series. The main purpose of this section was to simply round up the Dragonball Z series.