Marriage Encounter
of the
Springfield Diocese in Illinois
Carlinville Area Community
Steve & Meg Carr

Quincy Area Community
Bud & Rosanna Voss

Decatur Area Community
Raymond & KellyRamirez

Springfield1 Area Community
John & Nancy Barrett

Granite City Area Community
Joe & Debbie Valencia

Springfield2 Area Community
Mike & Sue Moser

Jerseyville/Alton Area Community
Tim & Diana Goetten

Tuscola Area Community
Jeff & Barb Beals

Champaign/Urbana Area Community
Alfred & Marietta Hubler

Palmyra Area Community
Larry & Sara Edmunds
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Invite your Friend to a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend!
Inviting a couple to a weekend is probably best done couple to couple or from a pulpit talk; however, email may be one of the quickest ways to advertise the Weekend experience!  To email one of these three web sites, simply right click the site's address bar and copy.  Then paste to your personal email message.

Is God in Your Marriage?
Mothers in Love plus Fathers in Love equal Families in Love