3. Enki und die Weltordnung

Let the lands Magan and Dilmun

set eyes upon me-Enki.

Let the Dilmun boats be loaded with wood.

Let the Magan boats be filled sky high.

Let the magilum-boat of Meluchcha,

transport gold and silver,

Let them take it to Nippur for Enlil,

king of the lands.


He crossed the kur of Meluchcha.

Enki, the king of the Apzu, decrees its fate:

Black kur, your trees will be large trees, they will be mes-groves of the kur.

their thrones will be set in royal palaces.

your silver will be gold.

Your copper will be bronze - tin.

Kur everything you have will increase.


He cleansed and purified the kur Dilmun,

set Ninsikilla in charge of it.

lagoons he allotted to their princely shrine.

Dilmun eats its fish.

Palm trees he allotted to its fertile field.

Dilmun eats their dates.


.......Elam and Marhaschi.......

........who are all - devouring,

The king given power by Enlil

attacked their houses, attacked their walls;

their silver, lapislazuli, storehouses

he brought to Nippur for Enlil, king of all the lands.

To him who had no city

who had no house,

the Martu - Enki furnished cattle as a gift.


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