achuy     :     v.tr.(d2)     to uproot plants; to look for straw or small firewood
alabaduy     :     v.tr.(esp)     to sing the Alabado
allarpariy     :     v.tr.     to dig at once

allin puriy     :     v.intr.     to behave; to behave well; to conduct oneself
allin rikch'ay     :     v.tr.     to look good
alliyachachiy     :     v.tr.     to educate; to teach
alliyay     :     v.tr.     come to terms

amañachiy     :     v.tr.     to make someone practice or exercise; to teach
amsay     :     v.intr.     to hurry; to rush; to run; to accelerate work
ankumuy     :     v.mov.     to appear; to come into sight
apariy     :     v.tr.     to carry
arrimay     :     v.intr.(esp)     to lean against
arrindakuy     :     v.intr.(esp)     to go into service

aruy     :     v.tr.(d1)     to work
aruy     :     v.tr.(d2)     to cook

ashiy     :     v.tr.     to look for; to search for; to seek; to seek
asukuy     :     v.mov.     to move (oneself to another place); to approach; to come closer; to withdraw
atikuy     :     v.cop.     to rest
atipay     :     v.tr.     to win; to defeat; to abuse; to bear; to beat; to conquer; to attack; to contradict; to overcome; to attack; to conquer; to contradict
awqallikuspa rimay     :     v.dic.     to curse; to blaspheme
ayarapay     :     v.dic.     to make noise; to sing or cry noisily
aywamuy     :     v.mov.     to come


bindirpariy     :     v.tr.(esp)     to sell
bulyakuy     :     v.intr.(esp)     to return; to come back


chachay     :     v.mov.     to collapse; to break down; to fall in; to come apart; to fall
ch'allay     :     v.tr.(spi)     to offer a libation; to give a splash of liquor as an offering to Pachamama; to wet (with a drink); to celebrate with a drink
ch'amay     :     v.tr.     to work
chamuskay     :     v.tr.(esp)     to singe
chapu(data)chapu[spa] rimay     :     v.dic.     to speak a mixed language
chaspay     :     v.tr.     to singe

chawpichaykuy     :     v.tr.     to place into the middle; to place in the middle; to center
chawpinchay     :     v.tr.     to place into the middle; to place in the middle; to center

chayachiy     :     v.tr.     to make arrive
chayamuy     :     v.mov.     to arrive; to arrive here; to come here; to come
chayapuy     :     v.mov.     to visit; to come to
chayariy     :     v.recip.     to arrive
chayay     :     v.mov.     to arrive; to get done (food)

chikan llaqtakunaman puriy     :     v.mov.     to travel
chimpay     :     v.mov.     to come closer; to come near; to approach; to appear
chinpariy     :     v.tr.     to face; to step in front of
ch'uñurpariy     :     v.tr.     to be exposed to the cold too much
chutu kaballuhina puriy     :     v.intr.     to go like a horse with blinkers


Dyusmanta mañakuy     :     v.tr.(cri)(esp)     to pray


hampuy     :     v.mov.     to come returning
hamuy     :     v.mov.     to come
hañakuy     :     v.tr.     to come along

hap'ipariy     :     v.tr.     to catch
hapuriy     :     v.intr.     to mix the llajwa
harawiy     :     v.dic.(mus)     to sing during work
hayaqin allinta rimay     :     v.dic.     to talk admirable things
haylliy     :     v.tr.     to sing chants of victory; to salute

hina purallam rikch'ay     :     v.tr.     to look like; to resemble
hukmanta millayta rimay     :     v.tr.     to curse
huq'uchiy     :     v.tr.     to wet; to splash; to spray


ikaray     :     v.tr.(med)     "to heal (by sucking the body, blowing tobacco smoke and singing)"
ima pacha mana waliq kasqata rikurayay     :     v.intr.     to be looking for good bargains
imanakuy     :     v.recip.     to arrive (something to someone)
isqay     :     v.intr.     to be ready to sleep


kachamuy     :     v.tr.     to make come
kacharpariy     :     v.tr.     to leave someone; to separate from someone; to bid one's farewell; to bid farewell; to send off
kachaykamuy     :     v.tr.     to make come
kachaykukuy     :     v.intr.     to set off; to be on one's way; to go there finally; to run
kachaypariy     :     v.tr.     to dismiss; to release

kallpay     :     v.mov.(d1)     to hurry; to run
kantay     :     v.tr.(esp)     to sing
k'aspay     :     v.tr.     to singe
kaway     :     v.dic.     to sing
khapakipay     :     v.intr.     to make one single long step
kuntratay     :     v.tr.(esp)     to employ; to give work

kurriy     :     v.(esp)     to run
kurriy     :     v.intr.(esp)     to hurry; to run

kutichariy     :     v.tr.     to rescue; to save
kutichikuy     :     v.tr.     to defend oneself when attacked
kutichimuy     :     v.tr.     to make a person or animal return
kutichipuy     :     v.tr.     to give back something borrowed; to compensate
kutichiy     :     v.tr.     to answer; to reply; to send back; to give back; to return something; to make return
kutichiy     :     v.tr.(med)     to vomit
kutichiy$     :     v.tr.(reg)     to keep; to retain
kutikuy     :     v.mov.     to return there
kutikuy     :     v.tr.     to defend a person or animal
kutikuy$     :     v.cop.(reg)     to stay; to remain
kutimpuy     :     v.mov.     to return definitively
kutimuy     :     v.mov.     to return

kutin mañariy     :     v.tr.     to claim
"kutin ñiy, kutin ruray"     :     v.tr.     to repeat
kutin qunuchiy     :     v.tr.     to warm up again
kutin rikuy     :     v.tr.     to revise; to check
kutin riqsiy     :     v.tr.     to recognise
kutinchiy     :     v.tr.     to repeat
kutipakuy     :     v.tr.(d1)     to ruminate; to chew the cud
kutipakuy     :     v.tr.(d2)     to object; to backtalk; to contradict
kutipay     :     v.intr.     to ruminate
kutipay     :     v.mov.     to return to someone
kutipay     :     v.tr.     to answer; to reply; to repeat
kutipay     :     v.tr.(agr)     to earth up again; to return to remove the soil around the plants
kutipay     :     v.tr.(mit)     to infect; to damage someone by magic
kutipuy     :     v.intr.     to return definitively; to become
kutirichiy     :     v.tr.     to reanimate
kutirikuy ((data)man)     :     v.intr.     to convert (into)
kutirikuy; kutirikapuy     :     v.intr.     to recover; to convalesce; to cure; to become healthy; to become
kutirimpuy     :     v.intr.     to be born again
kutiriy     :     v.intr.     to recover; be healed from a disease; to return to oneself; to get better (from an illness)
kutit'ikray     :     v.tr.     to turn over; to knock down
kutiy     :     v.mov.     to return; to come back
kutiy     :     v.tr.     to change; to alter
kutiy$     :     v.cop.(reg)     to stay; to remain
kutiykuchiy     :     v.tr.     to reduce

k'utuy     :     v.tr.(d2)     to bite; to bite hard things; to eat toasted seeds; to bite (insects)
kwiday     :     v.tr.(esp)     to take care of; to look after


liqhupayay     :     v.tr.     to look ascance at with an obscure intention
lukuyay     :     v.intr.(esp)     to go insane; to become mad


llamkay     :     v.tr.     meter la mano en algo; desobedecer
llankhuy     :     v.tr.     to feel; to touch without looking; to grope in the dark
llanthukuy     :     v.intr.     to go into the shade

lluqsichiy     :     v.tr.     to take out
lluqsimuy     :     v.mov.     to appear here
lluqsipuy     :     v.intr.     to leave; to exit
lluqsiy     :     v.mov.     to rise; to come out; to go out; to leave; to depart


mana allin puriy     :     v.intr.     to behave badly
mana allin rurasqamanta phiñarispa rimay     :     v.tr.     to reprimand; to berate
mana allinta rimay     :     v.dic.     to stammer; to stutter
mana imata ruraspa kayta chayta puriy     :     v.mov.     to wander

manyayay     :     v.mov.     to approach; to come close

mañachiy     :     v.tr.     to lend
mañaka     :     v.tr.     melting pot
mañakuy     :     v.tr.     to request; to ask; to lend; to borrow (the thing lent is returned); to pray
mañankuy     :     v.tr.     to beseech
mañapakuy     :     v.tr.     to beg; to crave
mañapayay     :     v.tr.     to demand; to claim
mañaqachiy     :     v.tr.     to make lend
mañaqay     :     v.tr.     to entreat
mañaqchay     :     v.tr.     to order
mañarikuqman quy     :     v.tr.     to indulge
mañarikuy     :     v.intr.     to give oneself up to; to be suitable
mañariy     :     v.tr.     to entreat; to beseech
mañay     :     v.tr.     to request; to demand; to ask for; to pray

maskhachiy     :     v.tr.     to make seek
maskhampuy     :     v.tr.     to go to seek something for someone
maskhay     :     v.tr.     to look for; to search for; to seek

mast'ariy     :     v.tr.     to expand; to extend; to spread; to shed; to spray
maypipas puriy     :     v.mov.     to wander

mikhuchiy     :     v.tr.     to nourish; to feed
mikhunayay     :     v.pron.     to be hungry
mikhurayay     :     v.intr.     to eat little
mikhuriy     :     v.intr.     to rot
mikhuy     :     v.tr.     to eat; to consume; to eat and digest living energy
mikhuykuy     :     v.tr.     to swallow

mitikuy     :     v.intr.(esp)     to meddle; to seek trouble
muchhay     :     v.tr.     to pick berries; to pick out the seeds; to take grain off the corn cob; to shell corn
muhunchay     :     v.tr.     to select the seed for sowing
muruy     :     v.tr.(agr)     to plant; to sow; to sow seeds
muspariy     :     v.intr.     to rave; to rant
musuq hamuy     :     v.mov.     to come the first time
musyay     :     v.tr.(d1)     to perceive; to notice; to become aware of; to foresee
muyuntinta puriy     :     v.mov.     to circulate; to circle
muyuyay     :     v.intr.     to sprout; to become a seed


nak'arpariy     :     v.tr.     to cut down (animal); to operate (surgery)
ninakuru rikuriy     :     v.pron.     "to see stars (fireflies appear, like when hit)"


ñawpariy     :     v.intr.     to advance oneself
ñawpaykuy     :     v.mov.     to advance; to arrive first


pachan purallam rikch'ay     :     v.tr.     to look like; to resemble
pachiy     :     v.tr.(agr)     to sow the seeds into the furrows
pakaray     :     v.tr.     to hide for there

parichiy     :     v.tr.     to warm up
pariray     :     v.tr.     to warm up (food)
pariy     :     v.intr.     to burn (intr.)
pariy     :     v.mov.     to fly; to run; to run
pariyay     :     v.intr.     to cool down

parlay     :     v.dic.(esp)     to speak; to converse; to talk

pasiyarquy     :     v.intr.(esp)     to walk
pasyay     :     v.intr.(esp)     to go for a walk

phiñarisqa qhapariy     :     v.dic.     to roar
pichiwyay     :     v.dic.     to twitter; to sing (birds)
pisqukunata hap'iq puriy     :     v.tr.     to hunt birds; to catch birds

puñuchiy     :     v.tr.     to send to sleep; to lull to sleep; to put to sleep
puñukapuy     :     v.intr.     to fall asleep
puñukuy     :     v.intr.     to fall asleep
puñumuy     :     v.intr.     to go to sleep
puñuq hina ruray     :     v.intr.     to pretend being asleep
puñusay     :     v.intr.     not to be able to sleep
puñuy     :     v.intr.     to sleep
puñuy aysay     :     v.tr.     to put to sleep
puñuyta atiy     :     v.pron.     to be able to sleep

purichiy     :     v.tr.     to drive; to conduct
purikachay     :     v.mov.     to stray; to go astray; to wander; to rove
purikuy     :     v.mov.     to go
puririchiy     :     v.tr.     to convey
puririy     :     v.mov.     to set off; to embark; to begin a journey
puriy     :     v.mov.     to go; to walk; to hike; to ramble; to travel; to wander; to flow; to travel
puriykachay     :     v.mov.     to walk; to walk around
puriysiy     :     v.tr.     to help walk


qapariy     :     v.dic.     to call; to cry; to shout; to scream; to bark; to sing (bird); to shout; to yell; to roar; to scream; to shout
q'aspay     :     v.tr.     to toast; to barbecue; to singe; to burn; to singe; to scoarch; to scorch; to sear; to scorch; to roast in flames; to seduce
qatipay     :     v.tr.(d2)     to singe
qayariy     :     v.dic.     to call; to cry; to shout; to scream; to bark; to sing (bird); to shout; to yell; to roar; to scream; to shout

qayllakuy     :     v.intr.     to approach; to come up; to come closer
qayllanchakuy     :     v.intr.     to approach; to come up; to come closer
qayllay     :     v.mov.     to approach; to come close

qhawakuy     :     v.tr.     to look at oneself; to watch oneself; to watch out
qhawarpariy     :     v.tr.     to ignore
qhaway     :     v.tr.     to watch; to observe; to look at; to look; to observe; to watch
qhipaq rikuy     :     v.tr.     to foresee
qhuchullay     :     v.mov.     to come close to

qilliy     :     v.intr.     to meet; to come together
qillqarimay     :     v.tr.(neo)     to read; to read (aloud)

q'imikuy     :     v.mov.     to approach; to come up; to come closer; to come close to
q'inqu akna puriy     :     v.mov.     to zigzag
qispiy     :     v.mov.     to appear; to emerge; to escape; to free oneself; to be completed; to come to an end; to free
qunqarpariy     :     v.tr.     to forget totally
qurriy     :     v.mov.(esp)     to run


richkay     :     v.intr.     to wake up
ridusiy     :     v.tr.(esp)     to reduce (also in colonial sense of reinforced resettlement)
riduy     :     v.mov.     to circle
rigalay     :     v.tr.(esp)     to give as a gift

rikachakachiy     :     v.tr.     to wake up
rikakuy     :     v.intr.     to look at oneself; to watch oneself; to watch out
rikapayay     :     v.tr.     to lurk; to be on the lookout for; to investigate; to inspect; to observe; to revise

rikch'achiy     :     v.tr.     to wake up (trans.); to wake someone up
rikch'akuy     :     v.intr.(d1)     to look like; to seem like; to resemble; to appear like
rikch'akuy     :     v.intr.(d2)     to wake up
rikch'akuy     :     v.intr.(d3)     to adjust; to adapt
rikch'anachiy     :     v.tr.     to compare
rikch'arichiy     :     v.tr.     to wake up someone who is dreaming
rikch'ariy     :     v.intr.     to wake up
rikch'ay     :     v.intr.(d1)     to seem
rikch'ay     :     v.intr.(d2)     to wake up (oneself); to awake
rikch'ay     :     v.mov.     to appear
rikch'ay     :     v.tr.(d1)     to adjust; to adapt
rikch'ay     :     v.tr.(d2)     to wake up

rikhuriy     :     v.mov.     to appear
rikhuy     :     v.tr.     to repair

rikrachiy     :     v.tr.     to put something onto another's sholder (help)
rikrakuy     :     v.tr.     to put onto one's sholder
rikray     :     v.tr.     to carry; to carry on the shoulders

rikuchakuy     :     v.tr.     to catch sight of; to resemble
rikuchikuy     :     v.tr.     to express; to present; to represent
rikuchiy     :     v.tr.     to show; to expose
rikukuy     :     v.intr.(d1)     to see oneself
rikukuy     :     v.intr.(d2)     to become
rikukuy     :     v.mov.     to appear
rikunakuy     :     v.recip.     to see each other
rikupay     :     v.tr.     to devour
rikuq riy     :     v.tr.     to visit
rikurayay     :     v.tr.     to always look; to investigate; to inspect; to examine
rikurichiy     :     v.tr.     to make appear; to exhibit; to organize; to prove
rikuriy     :     v.mov.     to appear; to become
rikuriyay     :     v.tr.     to take care of
rikuriykamuy     :     v.mov.     to appear
rikuspa ruraspa yachakuy     :     v.tr.     to experiment; to carry out experiments
rikuy     :     v.tr.(d1)     to see; to notice
rikuy     :     v.tr.(d2)     to know by experience; to understand
rikuy     :     v.tr.(d3)     to know a place
rikuy     :     v.tr.(d4)     to look at; to watch; to observe; to take care of
rikuy     :     v.tr.(d5)     to visit
rikuy     :     v.tr.(fil)     to consider
rikuy tukuy     :     v.intr.     to become pleasant

rimachiy     :     v.tr.     to converse; to talk
rimanakuy     :     v.recip.(d1)     to agree; to discuss; to talk together
rimanakuy     :     v.recip.(d2)     to argue; to discuss
rimapakuy     :     v.dic.     to backtalk
rimapayay     :     v.dic.     to express; to chatter; to babble; to repeat words
rimapuy     :     v.dic.     to talk in favour of someone; to intercede
rimarichiy     :     v.tr.     to make declare
rimarimuy     :     v.tr.     to answer; to reply
rimariy     :     v.tr.     to declare; to announce; to announce; to announce; to announce; to declare
rimay     :     v.dic.(d1)     to speak; to talk; to express
rimay     :     v.dic.(d2)     to scold; to admonish (but not to the face)
rimaykuy     :     v.tr.     to greet; to explain
rimayta k'askachiy     :     v.dic.     to talk subtly; to speak concisely and precisely; to pronounce well

rinakaruy     :     v.intr.     to travel

rinrichay     :     v.tr.(d1)     to deafen
rinrichay     :     v.tr.(d2)     to make a buttonhole

riparakuy     :     v.tr.(esp)     to notice; to realize
riparay     :     v.intr.(esp)     to notice; to account to; to realize

ripuy     :     v.mov.     to leave; to go (away)

riqhiy     :     v.tr.     to draw
riqpuy     :     v.dic.     to pant

riqsichikuy     :     v.intr.     to introduce oneself; to present oneself
riqsichiy     :     v.tr.     to make known; to introduce (someone); to acquaint (others) with; to guide; to show
riqsikapuy     :     v.tr.     to recognize
riqsikuy     :     v.intr.     to know oneself
riqsikuy     :     v.tr.     to recognize
riqsinachiy     :     v.tr.     to make one or more persons know each other
riqsinakuy     :     v.recip.     to know each other
riqsipay     :     v.tr.     to recognize; to acknowledge
riqsiriy     :     v.intr.     to be known
riqsirpariy     :     v.tr.     to recognize
riqsiy     :     v.tr.     to know; to recognize; to examine; to have seen; to recognize

rirpukuy     :     v.intr.     to see oneself in the mirror
rirpuy     :     v.tr.     to reflect; to mirror

risay     :     v.tr.(esp)     to pray; to read
rispitay     :     v.tr.(esp)     to respect
risqinakuy     :     v.recip.     to know each other
rit'iy     :     v.impers.(met)     to snow; to snow
rituñay     :     v.intr.     to sprout

riwakuy     :     v.intr.     to wake up
riway     :     v.tr.     to wake up

riwaqay     :     v.tr.(esp)     to discount

riwnachay     :     v.tr.     to unbalance

riy     :     v.mov.     to go; to walk; to travel
riyachiy     :     v.tr.     to rouse
riyay     :     v.intr.     to be; to exist
riysiy     :     v.tr.     to accompany

runachay     :     v.tr.     to teach to be human


samachiy     :     v.tr.     to make someone rest
samapakuy     :     v.intr.     to pant
samarakuy     :     v.intr.     to rest
samaray     :     v.tr.     to rest
samarichiy     :     v.tr.     to delay; to postpone; to defer; to suspend
samariy     :     v.tr.     to breathe
samarquy     :     v.intr.     to breathe one's last breath
samay     :     v.cop.     to sit
samay     :     v.intr.     "to rest; to exhale deeply; to breathe deeply, especially when tired; to sit"
samay     :     v.tr.     to breathe
samaykuy     :     v.intr.     to tire
samaykuy     :     v.tr.(d1)     to breathe; to exhale
samaykuy     :     v.tr.(d2)     to breathe into one's face
samayta aysay     :     v.intr.     to breathe
samayta hap'iy     :     v.tr.     to get one's breath back
samayta harkana     :     v.tr.     to suffocate
samayta suyuyachiy     :     v.tr.     to pollute air

sankay     :     v.tr.     to work
saqirpariy     :     v.tr.     to give up; to leave; to abandon; to desert
sayapariy     :     v.intr.     to stop; to halt; to stand still; to stand up
sut'ita rimay     :     v.dic.     to tell the truth


t'akachiy     :     v.tr.     to make flow out; to scatter seeds
t'akay     :     v.tr.     to sow; to drop; to scatter (like seeds); to scatter; to separate

takichiy     :     v.tr.     to make someone sing
t'akikuy     :     v.tr.     to sing devotedly
takiy     :     v.tr.(d1)     to sing; to play an instrument

tantakuy     :     v.intr.     to meet; to come together
tapuriy     :     v.tr.     to inquire

taripariy     :     v.tr.     to examine
taripay     :     v.tr.(d1)     to meet with; to meet up with; to come across; to catch up; to catch up with; to consult; to examine; to condemn; to condemn; to judge

tarpuy     :     v.tr.(agr)     to plant; to sow; to sow seeds
tawa chakilla puriy     :     v.mov.     to crawl on all fours
thañiy     :     v.tr.     to calm; to cease; to calm down; to subside; to cease; to clear up; to come to an end; to finish; to cease

thatachiy     :     v.tr.     to make overeat or overdrink
thatay     :     v.intr.     to overeat; to overdrink
thatkichiy     :     v.tr.     to teach a child walk

thatkiy     :     v.mov.     to go step by step; to start; to walk quickly; to take big steps; to walk
thihuy     :     v.mov.(aym)     to hurry; to run
thuñikuy     :     v.intr.     to collapse; to break down; to fall in; to come apart; to fall

t'ikramuy     :     v.mov.     to come back; to return; to return to the place of the speaker
t'ikray     :     v.mov.     to come back; to return
t'inkay     :     v.tr.(d1)     to celebrate welcome
tinkuy     :     v.tr.     to meet; to meet up with; to fight (two); to come together; to meet

tiyamuy     :     v.mov.     to go and sit down; to come and sit down
trawahay     :     v.tr.(esp)     to work
t'uktiy     :     v.tr.     to mischievously look at or pick up something
tumay     :     v.tr.(esp)     to drink
tupariy     :     v.tr.     to meet up with people


umamanta puriy     :     v.intr.     to go on one's hands

upyachiy     :     v.tr.     to give something to drink
upyay     :     v.tr.     to drink; to consume

uray     :     v.intr.(esp)     to pray
uraykumuy     :     v.mov.     to come down

utirayachiy     :     v.tr.     to amaze; to overwhelm; to overcome
utirayay     :     v.intr.     to be amazed; to be overwhelmed; to be overcome; to muse

utqamuy     :     v.mov.     to come early
utqay     :     v.intr.     to hurry; to rush; to run; to accelerate work


wachichiy     :     v.tr.     to sow the seeds into the furrows
wankay     :     v.tr.     to sing

wañurpariy     :     v.intr.     to die of violent death
wañuyman chayay     :     v.intr.     to come to death; to die; to perish

waqay     :     v.dic.     to cry; to weep; to say (certain animals); to sing (certain birds); to sound
waqaychakuy     :     v.intr.     to take care of oneself; to look after oneself; to survive; to be healthy
wasarimay     :     v.tr.     to gossip; to discredit

wayrakachay     :     v.mov.     to hurry; to run
wayraykachay     :     v.intr.     to go in all directions

waytiyay     :     v.tr.     to watch; to observe; to look at; to look; to observe
wichq'arpariy     :     v.tr.     to close
wikch'urpariy     :     v.tr.     to expel; to drive out
wirsuy     :     v.tr.(mus)(esp)     to sing


yachachikuy     :     v.tr.     to train; to instruct; to qualify
yachachinakuy     :     v.recip.     to agree; to concur
yachachiy     :     v.tr.     to teach
yachakachiy     :     v.tr.     to educate
yachakapuy     :     v.intr.     to be accustomed
yachakay     :     v.intr.     to be accustomed
yachakipay     :     v.tr.     to study
yachakuchiy     :     v.tr.     to execute
yachakuy     :     v.cop.     to remain; to stay
yachakuy     :     v.tr.     to learn; to study; to accustom; to become accustomed to
yachanaway     :     v.intr.     to learn
yachapay     :     v.tr.     to imitate
yachapayay     :     v.tr.     to imitate
yachaqay     :     v.tr.     to learn
yachariy     :     v.tr.(d1)     to be accustomed to; to discover
yachariy     :     v.tr.(d2)     to adapt
yachasqata willay     :     v.tr.     to declare
yachay     :     v.cop.     to dwell; to live
yachay     :     v.tr.     to know; to learn; to realize; to find out
yachaykachiy     :     v.tr.     to advise; to counsel; to counsel
yachaykuy     :     v.tr.     to take a practice
yachayllawan ruray     :     v.intr.     to be crafty
yachaymiy     :     v.intr.     to be certain
yachaypi takyay     :     v.intr.     to be convinced

yaku hina kuyuq kallpay     :     v.mov.     to flow; to stream
yaku ispay     :     v.intr.     to urinate
yaku ñanta allichiy     :     v.tr.     to canalize; to dig ditches
yaku q'uñita upyay     :     v.intr.     to have breakfast
yakuchiy     :     v.tr.     to water; to give to drink
yakunayay     :     v.pron.     to be thirsty; to thirst
yakupi pampa(ri)y     :     v.mov.     to sink; to submerge; to dive
yakupi yaykuspa chinkariy     :     v.mov.     to dive
yakuta rumiyachiy     :     v.tr.     to freeze
yakuta tanqay     :     v.tr.     to pump
yakuwan chapuy     :     v.tr.     to water; to mix with water
yakuy     :     v.tr.     to drink
yakuyachiy     :     v.tr.     to melt; to liquefy
yakuyay     :     v.intr.     to melt; to liquefy
yakuychay     :     v.tr.     to trickle into something (water)

yananchakuy     :     v.intr.     to come together in marriage; to drink the 2d glass of alcohol

yarqachikuy     :     v.intr.     to expose oneself to hunger
yarqamuy     :     v.mov.     to rise; to come out
yarqaryay     :     v.tr.     to be always hungry
yarqay     :     v.pron.     to be hungry; to starve
yarqaymanta wañuykuy     :     v.intr.     to starve to death
yarquy     :     v.mov.     to rise; to come out; to go out; to leave; to depart

yaykuy     :     v.mov.     to go in; to enter


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