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11th/17th Consolidated Infantry

Below is a collection of members of the Arkansas 11th/17th Consolidated Infantry and their Descendants. If you had an ancestor in this Unit, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and it will be added as soon as possible. Your help is greatly appreciated. Please check our Combined Roster to be sure they were in this unit. Some soldiers who were in the 11th Arkansas Infantry will not appear in the Combined Roster.


Lt. Halbert Montgomery Brown
Hal M. Brown ( Co.B, 17th Inf.; Co. I, 11th/17th Inf.) , 1st Lt., was an aide-de-camp to Col John Griffith in the Mississippi Campaign. He was commended in a letter to Hq. on Jan 13, 1865 "...Lieut. Hal. M. Brown of the Eleventh and Seventeenth Arkansas Regiment...displayed high qualities of competency, zeal, industry, and courage." Source _War of the Rebellion_, Series I, Vol. 52, p.786.
Descendant: Ed Crump, Jr., Alexandria, La.

Sgt./Lt. Jessee L. Crabb
J.L. Crabb was originally in Co. E of the 11th Arkansas Regiment Infantry (Falcon Guards) from Columbia County, Arkansas. Then after the consolidation of the 11th and 17th he was in Griffith's/Grindstead's Co. G
Descendant: Robert A. Crabb; Dallas, Tx.

Lt. C.S. Fritts
Enlisted in the 17th Ark. Inf. on Nov. 22, 1861. He was present in Capt. Enyart's Co. for muster roll dated Nov. 22 to Dec. 31, 1861. He was present in Co. G for muster roll dated Jan. to Feb. 1862. It is noted that he was present but sick during this muster roll period. He signed special requisitions in Bentonville, Ark. on Jan. 9 and 13 1862 for overcoats, pants, boots, blankets and paper which were to be used by his men. It was stated in a pension application from Texas that he served one year in the 17th Ark. and then moved to Texas. He served for a short time in Parker Co., Texas in the 1st Frontier District. C.S. Fritts died Jan 5, 1916 at age 90 in Comanche Co., Texas.
Descendant: Scotty Fritts; Oklahoma City, Ok.

Fife Major Kenneth M. Gibbs
Kenneth M. Gibbs B- 1825 Hardin County, Tn. Married Margaret Ann Buie 8/1/1849 Parents John K.Jr. and Margourite Abigail (DuBose) Three children - James C.,b-1853 Margaret E. b-1855, Robert P. b-1857 all in Hot Spring, County, Ar.
Descendant: Steven L. Taft; Hot Springs, AR

Col. John Griffith
Enlisted in the War in 1861. Captain of Co. E (Griffith's) , Gratiot's 3rd Arkansas Infantry State Troops, Lt.-Col. and Colonel of 17th Arkansas Infantry, Colonel of 11th/17th (Consolidated) Arkansas Infantry.
Descendant: Kenneth Byrd, Indianapolis, Indiana

Col. John L. Logan
As Captain, John Logan formed the "Camden Knights" of Ouachita County. Col. Logan was commander of the 11th/17th Consolidated Infantry from March until November of 1863. John L. Logan was born in Abbeville, Mississippi and was in the mercantile business in Arkansas before and after the war. He died of a Cholera epidemic in the 1870's in New Orleans. His sword is on display at the Masonic Lodge; Camden, AR.
Descendant: Roy C. Logan, Berkeley, California
Descendant: Judith R. Logan (GG Granddaughter), Portland, OR.

Enlisted Men


Pvt. Thomas Jefferson Abbott
Thomas Jefferson Abbott was born July 15, 1840, near Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas. He enlisted in the Confederate Army October 18, 1861, at Fayetteville. He was in Company E, Seventeenth Arkansas Regiment, General Little's Brigade. He was at the battle of Corinth, Iuka and others. T.J.Abbott moved to Texas after the war. He married and had nine children. Many of his descendants live in Texas. He was a circuit riding Methodist minister. He resided in Aspermont, Texas and is buried in the local Cemetery.
Descendant: Virginia G. Dossman; Gatesville, TX

Pvt. William G. Acord
WILLIAM G. ACORD was born 1827 in Roane County, Tennessee. He married MARTHA CASEY 15 Mar 1854 in Johnson County, Arkansas. She was born Abt. 1837 in Arkansas, daughter of TIM CASEY and SARAH ?.
In 1864 William enlisted in the 11th Arkansas Confederate Infantry. In March of 1864 he returned to Johnson County on leave to check on his family. His wife only told one neighbor she was expecting her husband, but never named the "neighbor." When he arrived home he found his family practically out of food. His wife did have one a small bag of corn. On March 18th William took the bag of corn and rode the family mule up the creek to his father's gristmill to grind it into meal. A band of bushwhackers had heard of his return and ambushed him in his yard when he arrived home with the meal. His wife and children retreated to the attic through a trap door and watched from the small window as he was tied to a tree spread-eagled and used target practice. His body was riddled with bullet holes. He was buried in Yale Cemetery, Yale, Johnson County, Arkansas. His grave marker was found during a visit by Virgie Wulff on a visit in 1965, broken in three pieces. A picture was taken of it and arrangements made to have the marker rebuilt. Unfortunately, the concrete would not hold, and on a later visit, the grave was unmarked.
Descendant: Paul L. Williams; Long Beach, CA

Pvt. Andrew Lafayette Allee
Andrew Lafayette Allee, the only child of Josiah Allee and Mary Jane Pelton, was born in Saline (Grant) County on 24 Aug 1844. He was orphaned in 1846 and raised by his Allee relatives. He joined Company F, 11 Arkansas Infantry on 19 Jul 1861 and was taken prisoner at the surrender of Island 10 (New Madrid) on 8 Apr 1862. After a few months at Camp Douglas, IL, he was sent to Vicksburg in a prisoner exchange. He later served in the 11th/17th Consolidated Arkansas Infantry and Anderson's Unattached Cavalry. He married twice, fathering 3 children by Martha E. Grant and 4 children by Anna E. Allen. He relocated to Texas about 1868 and died there during the 1890s. His descendants hold an annual reunion.
Descendant: Beth Richards; Phoenix, AZ.

Pvt. Marcus LaFayette Anderson
M.L. Anderson was my grandfather and I have copies of two records of Company Muster Rolls for M.L. Anderson. One for September 27 to December 3 1862 as a Private in Company D-11th Regiment Arkansas Volunteers showing payment to July 31, 1862 and signed by a Major Jones, and one for January 1 to April 30, 1863 as a Private in Company C-11th Regiment Arkansas Volunteers showing payment to December 31, 1862 and signed by a Captain Matheson. When M.L. Anderson applied for a medical pension in 1910, two men said they had known him for 48 to 50 years and that he had served from 1861 until 1865.
Descendant: Nina Yarbrough, Visalia, CA.

Pvt. William M. Baldwin
CO. F.; Enlisted Aug. 17, 1861. William M. Baldwin was captured with the fall of Island No. 10 on April 8, 1862. He was a prisoner of war at Camp Douglas, Illinois. He was listed as being in the prison hospital three times with sickness. He was sent to Vicksburg for prisoner exchange on October 23, 1862
Descendant: Lee Baldwin; Belton, TX.

Pvt. Elisha Summerfield Bateman
Born on April 28, 1838, Elisha S. Bateman spent most of his childhood in Crawford County, AR. He enlisted in Company F of the 17th Arkansas Infantry (Rector's-Griffith's) on November 20, 1861 in Fort Smith, AR, and served in this unit until the consolidation of the 17th with the 11th Arkansas. He then served in Company I of the 11th and 17th Consolidated. After being discharged, Elisha moved to Copiah County, MS, where he married the widow Marina Catherine (Bush) Purvis on December 9, 1866. He spent the rest of his life in the Copiah County area, and died there on August 21, 1923.
Descendant: Mike Moore, Champaign, IL

E.S. Bateman was my G-G Grandfather. His daughter,Alice, is my grandmother. One of Alice's daughters is my mother, Alice Flora Berry Neely. My Grandmother and Grandfather are buried at Harrisville, Ms.
Descendant: John H. Neely; Diamondhead, MS

Pvt. Thomas A. Boles
Thomas A. Boles; Private in Co.F, 11th/17th Arkansas Inf. was born in McDonald county Missouri (part of Newton county Missouri before the civil war) in 1843. He is buried at Fox Cemetary in McDonald County. He is my Great Grandfather. His brothers John Boles, William Boles were born in McDonald county Missouri. Their father Sampson Boles was killed (shot by federal scouts) . Re: Goodspeeds History of Newton and McDonald Counties.
Descendant: Thomas A. boles; Powell, Mo.

Pvt. William Boles
William Boles was born Jan 1842. We believe he was the son of Thomas P.and Matilda Elizabeth Dodson Boles. I have his Pension Records. He married Penelope Ann Fulton Kirk in Miss. He died in Amarillo Texas, May 1, 1924 He was my great grandfather.
Descendant: Dorothy Adams Molter; Norman, OK.

Sgt. Thomas H. Boswell
Enlisted Co. E, 1861. In 1849 T.H. Boswell came to Arkansas from Georgia. In 1860 he applied for a land grant in Columbia County, now Nevada County. According to Goodspeed's History, he enlisted in Co. E of the 11th Arkansas Infantry in 1861. According to Rushing's Ranks of Honor, he was captured at Island #10 on April 8, 1862 and sent to Camp Douglas. After his re-lease he returned to duty. He was included in forces surrendered at Citronelle, AL and paroled at Jackson, MS on May 13, 1865. In that same year he married Miss Loucittia Warmack, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Perry Warmack. They became the parents of eleven children. T.H. Boswell died 19 Feb 1917 and is buried in Union Cemetery near Bodcaw, Ar.
Descendant: Nell Boswell Stratton; Camden, Arkansas

Pvt. Joel Henry Brazeal (Brazil?)
After being captured at Port Hudson, LA., Joel Henry Brazeal rejoined the 11th Arkansas Inf,in Camden, AR as Joel H. Bazel, Sgt. He was hanged by gray-backs in Saline (now Grant) County, Arkansas, near the present town of Sheridan, AR.
Descendant: M. F. Breazeal; El Dorado, AR

Pvt. Marion Brown
Enlisted 11/18/1861, Co. D. MARION BROWN was my Great-Grandfather and was 16 at the time of enlistment. He received a deep cut to his left arm during a battle while protecting his heart. Attempts are being made to find out when this ocurred.
Descendant: James T. Adams; Jackson, TN.

Cpl. Leontine (Lee) Butler
Enlistment: 12-21-1861; 11th Ark.; born 1823, died 10-27-1890, enlisted at Benton,AR. after capture of island #10 his company roster lists him as "absent left at the evacuation madrid locality unknown" he must have escaped as he was later discharged from co.E 2nd regiment Ark. volunteers july 27 1862,senatobia Miss. Was paid $81.26. it is believed he re-inlisted when the 11th was reformed in late 1863,from "proof of service" and "widow pension application" documents stating he served till the end of war.he is buried at mcpherson cemetary in saline cty AR. He had three wives and eighteen children.he was 50yr old when he married his last wife of 22years,my great-great-grandmother.Me and many of his decendants still live in the same vimy ridge,sardis,area of saline cty.that he did.
Descendant: Gus Butler IV; Mabelvale, AR.

Pvt. John Carl
Enlisted September, 1864; Co. H; John Hammack Carl was born in Benton Co. Arkansas April 5, 1847. He enlisted in Sept. 1863 in "Company B, Browns Battalion, Confederate Cavalry" where he served until Sept. 1864 when he was transferred to Company H, 17th Arkansas Cavalry and served until May 1865 when he was paroled at Jackson, Miss. He married Mary Elizabeth Swank in 1869, had eight children and in 1885 moved his family to Texas in two covered wagons. He worked as a farmer until he moved to Austin in 1911 and joined the State Capitol Police force where he worked until 1917. He died in San Antonio in 1919, his body still containing some musket balls he received during the War.
Descendant: Charlotte Carl-Mitchell; Scottsdale, AZ.

Pvt. Thomas W. Caple
Descendant: Jeff A. Caple; Malvern, Arkansas
Descendant: Adam Haneline; Oxford, Ms.

Pvt. L.M. Carlton
Co. H & K; Lewis M. Carlton enlisted as a Pvt. in CO C of the 11th and 17th Consolidated Reg. at Washington AR. A note in his service record shows him on sick leave in 1863. He was serving with the same unit's cavalry in 1865 when he surrendered with his unit at Citronella, AL. He was paroled at Jackson, MS on 13 May 1865. Unproven sources say he was wounded at the Battle of Pea Ridge. Source of information is from "John Carlton of Orange County and Albemarle County Virginia and Some of His Decendants" by Lt. Col. George Carlton (1989 Brooks Publishing Co). Lewis Carlton is my Great Great Grandfather.
Christopher Carlton; Wichita, KS.
Lewis M. Carlton is my great, great, great,great grandfather. Lewis was born circa late 1700's in Wilkes Co. NC. He was married to Nancy Crouch, one of his children was Alfred Carlton(b.1806 Wilkes Co.NC)his wife was Mary(Polly)Allison. One of Alfred & Polly's children was Eliza Carlton (b.1834)who was married to Capt. Ambrose McPherson. One of Eliza & Ambrose's children was Albert McPherson(b.1853). Albert McPherson was married to Sarah Murray and one of their children was Bessie McPherson(b.1896ARK). Bessie married Wiley Calvin Daniels in Newton Co. Arkansas and one of their children was Ruby L. Daniels(b.1920)Ruby married L.Leo Roberson in 1936. Leo and Ruby Roberson's fourth child was Genell R. Roberson, my mother, who was born in 1946. My name is Kenneth Buckel and I can be contacted by e-mail, or by writing to me at #22 J.L.Road, Robbinsville, NC 28771
Kenneth Allen Buckel ; Robbinsville, NC

Pvt. Green L. Carmack
Enlisted (11/19/62) in Fayettville, Ark. by J R Parks for one year. Served under, George Lemoyne, Frank Rector, and John Griffith. Surrendered at Citronelle,Ala. Listed on roll of prisoners of war, Company H, 11&17 Ark. Cav.
Descendant: Robert G. Carmack, Grand Blanc, MI.

Pvt. Joseph S. Clift
Joseph S. Clift was born about 1827 in Alabama. He married Sarah Collie 17 Feb 1850 in Hot Spring Co., AR. They had six children. A daughter Eliza E. Clift was my great grand-mother she married my great grandfather Jasper Hudson Sims. According to Anthony C. Rushing who wrote Ranks of Honor, Joseph was captured at Island 10 on April 8 1862 and sent to Camp Butler, IL where he died on May 20, 1862.
Descendant: Gary D. Cox; Camden, AR.

Pvt. James M. Cothran
Co. E, 11th/17th Ark. Inf.
Descendant: Glenda Andersen, Vina, California

Pvt. Stephen A. Crabb
Stephen A. Crabb was originally in Co. E of the 11th Arkansas Regiment Infantry (Falcon Guards) from Columbia County, Arkansas. Then after the consolidation of the 11th and 17th he was in Griffith's/Grindstead's Co. G
Descendant: Robert A. Crabb; Dallas, Tx.

Sgt./Pvt. Rufus Daley
CO. A, 17th inf.; CO I, 11/17 inf. Born to Harrison Daley and Rachel Harris on August 4, 1848. His two half brothers Joseph and John Perdue were under another Company and served under Captain Samuel Gunter. Rufus 9th of 11 children. One half brother James Lowery, Seven half brothers and sisters from Joseph Perdue Senior and Rachel Harris. Two sisters Aky Daley and Nancy Daley. His first wife was Mary Holdman, second wife Missouri Weathersby. Father of six children. Timothy, Lenora, Rufus, Marshall, Missouri and Homer. Rufus died November 12, 1895. Final resting place Gore, Oklahoma. He was my Great-Grandfather and Sharon's Great-Great Uncle
Descendant: Lois Daley; Skiatook, OK.
Descendant: Sharon Nadeau; Las Vegas, NV.

Pvt. James Sloan Dewese
Enlisted 1-1-1863, Co. C 11th/17th. Born April 28, 1828 in Mecklenburg, NC. He was the son of Aaron Deweese and Elizabeth Sloan. He married Elizabeth Murphrey June 1852 in Sabine Co., TX. James was one of the first school teachers in these parts, helping to set up the East Texas Rural school system. He died April 20, 1913 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX. James served with Co. H, 11th Ark Inf Regt (Mounted), and Co C, 11th & 17th Consolidated Inf Regt (Mounted). Enlisted on 1-1-1863 at Dorcheat, Columbia Co, AR.
Descendant: Tony Abruscato; Torrance, Ca.

Pvt. M.T. Dickson
CO. B, 11th/17th Ar. Inf. Pvt. M.T. Dickson was 1st Lt. Wm. C.A. Rayburn's nephew (son of Elizabeth (Rayburn) Dickson). 1st Lt. Wm. Rayburn joined the 22nd Reg't. Mississippi Inf. Aug. 13, 1861 at Iuka, Miss. 1st Lt. Rayburn then went to Colombus, Ky. Pvt. M.T. Dickson went there later and joined him. Pvt. Dickson had a horse so he was assigned to the 1st Mississippi Calvary. They stayed together some three years. In 1862 at the battle of Corinth, Mississippi 1st Lt. Rayburn was shot in the right eye by a mini ball. Pvt. Dickson doctored him and kept his fever down by water begged from Rebels passing by. Early the second day 1st Lt. Rayburn had a coughing attack and coughed up the mini ball that had entered the right eye and had gone down the sinus passage into his lung. 1st Lt. Rayburn had to resign Dec. 17, 1863 because of this wound. Pvt. Dickson was unmounted (horse killed) Dec. 1, 1861. He served with the 1st Reg't. Mississippi Cavalry and he also served with the 11th and 17th Arkansas! Cavalry Co. B. He was paroled from Jackson Miss. May 13, 1865 and went home to Sarepta, Miss.
Descendant: Cindy Lee; Cole Camp, MO.

Pvt. John (Jack) Duhig
Company C, 11/17th Inf. Jack Duhig attended the first national convention of Veterans of the Confederate Army in Dallas, TX in April of 1902. We worked ships on the Trinity river near Dallas. He is buried, along with his wife Francis Weathersby(1846-1928) , in the Confederate Civil War cemetery in Dallas. His wife's Texas pension application was witnessed by W.F. Morton, Captain of 17th Ark. Infantry, who said Jack was "color bearer of said regiment. He stood to his post through close of war and he never deserted".
Descendant: Gary W. Hickman

Pvt. Cordial Fish
Co.H, 11 Arkansas Infantry. Sept. 27, 1861.  Card Number 44905531, 46006177, 46016104 Appears on a Rollof Prisoners of War at Camp Douglas, Ill. Aug 1, 1862. Captured at Island #10 on April 8, 1862. Sent to Vicksburg for prisoner exchange, Sept.4, 1862. I've heard 2 different stories about Cordial Fish 1)He was a confederate spy. 2)He deserted.
Descendant: K Fish; Concord, Ca.

Pvt. William Edgar Flurry
Enlisted 1861, Co. B, 17th Ark. Inf..- William E Flurry had two brothers that also served. Henry Flurry in the 3rd Ark cav.,and Ben Flurry who died at Atlanta. The Flurry family was from Yell Co.Aarkansas and many other family members also served the CSA. He is buried in Marlow, OK cemetary
Descendant: Steve Davenport; Oklahoma City, OK.
Descendant: Robert E. Flurry; Duncan, OK [Great-Grandson]

Pvt. John Wellington Force
Enlisted July 18, 1861; Co. E.; at Benton Arkansas. Appears on Roll of Prisoners of War at Camp Douglas, Ill.Captured Islands No. 10 on April 8, 1862. John Force was born Dec. 13, 1834 and died Jan 23, 1907. Descendant:; Austin, Texas

Pvt. Henry Stephen Forsythe
Enlisted July, 1861, Co. B, 11th Arkansas Infantry. Henry Forsythe was present through all the 11th Ark's activities including capture at Island 10. He died in Camp Douglas in Aug of 1862 and is buried there.
Descendant: Anthony Rushing, Benton, Arkansas

Pvt. Wiley Franklin Forsythe
Enlisted 1863, Co. D, 11th Arkansas Infantry. Wiley Forsythe fought with members of the 11th who had returned to Arkansas after capture at Port Hudson and afterwards. These men did not join Poe's unit but fought as guerilla's in Saline Co. Wiley, on his pension application, claims to have never enlisted but volunteered for the last 2 years, never being paid for his service. Pension was denied by US.
Descendant: Anthony Rushing, Benton, Arkansas

Pvt. Gabriel B. Friday
Co. E; Muster roles state he enlisted in Benton in June 1861, caputured on Island #10 and sent to Camp Douglas and exchanged in Vicksburg. He re-enlisted in the 11th and 17th combined. His confederate pension records state he served from 61 until surrender. He is buried along his wife and several children in Clear Creek cemetary (between Horatio, Ar and Frog Level, AR). His gravestone reads Company E, 11th Arkansas Infantry, CSA.
Descendant: Joe Bob Friday, Jr.; Texarkana, Tx.

Pvt. M. (Emanual Mercer) Gibson
Co. I; E.M.Gibson was from Natchez Ms. Adams county. Married to Elizabeth Berry. He lived his last years at the soldier's home Beauvoir in Biloxi Ms. HE died 20 Apr 1933,his age at death was 88 years. His son William Tucker had 4 children. ONE of the four children William Tucker Jr. was my father. EMANUAL MERCER GIBSON is buried at Beauvoir and is shown as being 2nd LT in rank. His wife is buried in cemetery outside of Natchez Ms.
Descendant: Curtis E. Gibson; Natchez, MS

Cpl. John Marion Gotcher
John Gotcher enlisted in Co. E. from Columbia County in July 18 of 1861. He served in Island #10 and served through the close of the war. Sometime after the war he moved to Texas - lived in Hamilton County, Texas. He died in 1916 and is buried in Sweetwater, Texas.
Descendant: Steve Davidson, Dallas, Tx.
Descendant: Dianne Conaway Blankenstein; Ft. Worth, Tx.
Gotcher Web Page

Pvt. Benjamin H. Griffith
Enlisted in the War in 1861. In Co. E (Griffith's) of Gratiot's 3rd Ark. Inf. State Troops and wounded at Wilson's Creek, MO; in Co. B, 17th (Rector's - Griffith's) Ark. Inf. at Elkhorn Tavern, AR; in Co. I, 11th & 17th Consol. Ark. Inf.
Descendant: Kenneth Byrd, Indianapolis, Indiana

Pvt. "Major" Ellis Ringold Griffith
Ellis Ringold Griffith was born in 1846 near the present site of Toomsuba (near Meridian), Mississippi. He and his family moved to Sebastian County, Arkansas before the war, where he served under his brother John Griffith. After the war, he and his family went into hiding and emerged in Texas in the mid-1870s. There, they were among the primary settlers in the desolate wasteland around Abilene. By the time Ellis Ringold Griffith moved to Texas, he had adopted the name "Major" whether as an actual title, to hide his identity, or as an affectation it is not known. He married Priscilla Broughton and had four sons and one daughter. He died in 1920.
Descendant: Kenneth Byrd, Indianapolis, Indiana
Descendant: Jim Hutchins; Jackson, Ms.

Cpl. Samuel A. Griffith
Enlisted in Bentonville, AR. Brother of Pvt. Benjamin H Griffith and Col. John Griffith and son of Samuel Acass Griffith. Wounded in the Battle of Elk Horn Tavern March 8, 1862, and died of his wounds shortly after.
Descendant: Kristina Ahlen

Pvt. John Kinnison Guice
"Youngblood's Signal Corps" Enlisted at Port Hudson on December 6, 1862 but when captured on May 24, 1863, was listed as a member of Company A of the 4th Louisiana Infantry. Later joined the 11th and 17th Arkansas Infantry Regiment and paroled at Jackson, MS on May 13, 1865. (Two Guice sisters had married officers of the Arkansas regiment who invited the signal corps men to 'jine up with "family.")
Descendant: Robert Crook, Baton Rouge, La.

Pvt. Solomon Young Guice
"Youngblood's Signal Corps" Enlisted at Port Hudson on December 6, 1862. Captured near Baton Rouge on January 1, 1863. It was related he "was hung up by his thumbs to make him disclose Confederate secrets, but did not yield." He was exchanged on February 23rd, rejoined his unit at Port Hudson, and surrendered with the garrison on July 9. Paroled as a member of the 11th and 17th Arkansas (Consolidated) in Jackson, MS on May 13, 1865. In 1911, Solomon's widow applied for and received a pension, unable to sign her name on the application form.
Descendant: Robert Crook, Baton Rouge, La.

Pvt. Joseph Hamilton
Enlisted July 1861; Co. F, 11th Regiment, was captured and escaped.
Descendant: Joe Lybrand; Hot Springs, Ar.

Cpl. Murdock Havard
Enlisted April, 1864 in Co. A; 11/17 Inf. Murdock Havard, son of William Havard, son of David Havard. Murdock Havard was born in 1847 and died on January 22 1908. He was married to his second cousin Anna J. Havard the daughter of John and Ellen [King] Havard. Murdock and Anna had 11 children. Murdock lived all his life in Wilkenson, co. MS. HE enlisted in April of 1864 he served as CPL. in the 11th/17th Ark. Inf. CO.A under COL. Griffith and CAPT. Haynes. Murdock was wounded in the neck near Woodville,MS. HE was paroled in Jackson, MS. in May of 1865. On Sept.1st.1900 he applied for his civil-war pension and his wife Anna reapplied for his pension after his death in 1908. Murdock was my great great grandfather his son Swint was my great grandfather his son Wilbur Murdock Havard was my grandfather his son [SONNY] Wilbur Murdock Havard JR. was my father. Desentants of Murdock Havard are Mitchell, Douglas, Kenneth, and Daniel Havard, His great, great, great grand children Mitch, Laci', Justin, Aaron, Ben, and Brandon Havard. Murdock's great, great, great, great grand son is Kolby Ty Havard
Descendant: Mitchell Lewis Havard; Kiln, MS.
Descendant: Thomas W. Ashley Jr.; Walker, La.

Pvt. John Jasper Haynes
John Jasper Haynes was born in Carroll County, GA in 1841, came to Arkansas with his family in the 1850ís, and enlisted in Capt. J. L. Loganís company in Camden in July, 1861. His first-hand account of his escape at Island No. 10 may be found at Paulette Haynesí WEBSITE. Benjamin Polk Haynes in his 1911 Confederate Veteranís interview states that his brother John Jasper Haynes belonged to the 11th Arkansas Regiment "and served from the beginning to the close of the war, was in all the battles in which his regiment took a part, was never wounded, and is now living at Mena, Arkansas and is an honored Baptist preacher, and has been for more than 30 years." The Rev. John Jasper Haynes died in 1916 in Mena, Arkansas, and is buried there in Pine Crest Cemetery.
Descendant: Barbara Walker Ray; Missouri City, Texas

Pvt. James C. Henslee
James Coker Henslee from Franklin Twsp (now Grant Co.) age 27 in 1860, born in Ga and was a farm hand. He enlisted in Co. F and was in Co F 11/17 after consolidation. Buried in Shiloh Cemetery in Grant County.
Descendant: Eugene Cartlon Goodwin; Monroe, La.

Pvt. Andrew Jackson Hickman
Enlisted August, 1861, Co K 11th, Co B 11th / 17th. Andrew Hickman performed his term of enlistment from beginning to end with the 11th and later 11th and 17th Arkansas. He was present for the entire war with his regiment, east of the Mississippi River until being surrendered at Citronella, AL in 1865.
Descendant: Anthony Rushing, Benton, Arkansas

Pvt. Lovett Tyler Hinton
CO.E.; Lovett Tyler Hinton was born 06 Sept. 1842 in Campbell Co., GA. He died in Hempstead Co., AR., 02 April 1884. He was the son of Bradford and Patience Hinton. Lovett was one of five brothers that served in the Confederacy.
Descendant: LaJuana Hinton; Bogue Chitto, MS.

Pvt. Elijah Holiman
Enlisted July 9,1861; Co.A.; Born in Anson County, North Carolina on August 4, 1833. Died December 21, 1920 in Arkansas. Married Nancy Elizabeth Reynolds, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Poe Reynolds-Halbert. Buried in Poe Cemetary. Enlisted at Benton, Arkansas. He was discharged about one (1) year before the end of the war. His wife, brother-in-law, and father went to Camp Hope at Old Austin above Little Rock to get him and brought him home on a feather bed. The Army thought he had consumption, but he only had the measles. He carried his discharge papers in his pocket for about one (1) year because he was afraid of being picked up as a deserter.
Descendant: Warren Coulter; Little Rock, AR

Cpl/Sgt Robert R. Lane
Co G 17th Regiment Ark Inf. Born in 1832 in Illinois or Kansas. Died in 1895 in Comanche, Comanche County, Texas at the age of 63. Buried in Zion Hill Cemetery in Comanche, Texas.
Descendant: Cindy Wheat; Maud, Texas

Pvt. G. L. Laster
Enlisted 1862. Fought with the 11th Arkansas Infantry, Co. I. He was captured and sent to the Rock Island Confederate Prison Camp in Illinois. He died in the camp on September 9, 1864. His grave # is 1483.
Descendant: Iva Laster Narvaez; Flint, Tx.

Sgt. Emmit Leach
Sgt. Emmit Leech, Ord. Sgt.; CoA., b.24 June 1829 m.Susan Jane Walker Williams 2 Dec.1867 Died 3 Oct. 1891.He was my Great Grandfather and is buried in Hicks (Leech) Cemetary Benton,Ar. Patterson Bell Leech was his older brother.
Descendant: Clyde K. Scott Sr., Benton, Ar.

Pvt. Patterson Bell Leach
Pvt. Patterson B. Leech, Co.A., was born 22 Mar. 1824 in Dickson County Tn. He married Elizabeth Burrow 21 Oct.1849 in Saline County ,Ar at the residence of Bradford Morris. Carter Morris who was also in 11th/17th is thought to have been Bradfords brother.
Descendant: Clyde K. Scott Sr., Benton, Ar.

Pvt. Ewing Little
Co. E, 17th Inf. (Griffiths); Ewing (Ewen Manon) Little was born on 5 June 1843 and died on 12 Jan 1903. He lived his life in Summers, Washington, AR. and was the son of James Little & Elizabeth Franklin Little. On 18 June 1869 he married Sarah E. Beaty. Ewing's two brothers, Ambrose Little and Rector (Samuel) Little served in other conferate units during the war.
Descendant: Debbie Little; Lynnwood, WA.

Pvt. J.M. Lowder
Enlisted 10-07-1861 in Co. A. I didn't find him listed in your records. But I have a copy of his Company Muster Roll Card. He was transferred later to the 21st Infantry Company D. I have heard that he died at Tupelo. This information comes from a Newspaper article from Morrilton, AR. The Pilot, Sept 30, 1892. Not sure if this is in Arkansas or MS. Any information you could offer concerning his death would be most helpful.
Descendant: Paul W. Adcox; Hot Springs, Arkansas

Pvt. Jesse W. Lynch
Enlisted in the 17th on 18 Nov., 1861. Assigned to Co. "D" of the 17th Ark. Infantry, in Co. "K", 11th Ark. Infantry after consolidation. In the fall of 1863, Jesse W. Lynch, my great-great grandfather, was in a skirmish where his horse was shot from under him. He was shot in the leg and then bayoneted through the side, while pinned under his horse. He was left at the Army Hospital in Iuka, Miss. on Aug. 17, 1863. Returned home to Benton Co., Ark., in 1864 to learn that his wife, Barbara (Spoon) Lynch had been killed by Jayhawkers. Their children, John, David, James (my great grandfather) and Susan, were living with neighbors. He reportedly was crippled for life but my father, Jesse Harmon Lynch (now 93) remembers seeing him riding a large bay horse. According to family tradition, Jesse married Rebecca, the neighbor who was keeping the children, and they had a son named Jeffry. Then Rebecca found out her first husband was still alive and she took Jeffry and left. Jesse moved to Missouri, remarried and raised another family. Most of the Lynch families were pro-union and Jesse found he wasn't welcome by the family. He settled in Camden County, Mo., and died Nov. 1, 1911 near Macks Creek. He is buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery where a Confederate Soldiers Monument marks his final resting place. Taken from the Linch/Lynch family history published in 1993, researched by Ray Hanford Linch of Tulsa, Okla.
Descendant: Jo Ellis, Carthage, Mo.
Claude Linch, Preston, Mo.

Andrew Jackson McCool
Andrew Jackson McCool died in 1862 in Memphis as part of the Arkansas 11th Regiment.
Descendant: Charles McCool; Reston, VA.

Young B. McCool
Served in the Arkansas 11th/17th Combined
Descendant: Charles McCool; Reston, VA.

Pvt. George C. McDonald
George C. McDonald was born July 26,1843 in Alabama. He enlisted July 19,1861 at Benton, Arkansas and Served in Company F, 11th Arkansas Regent until Jan 1,1863. My Great Grandfather married Cornelia Jane Jordan on Dec 21,1873 in Sheridan, Grant Co, Arkansas. They had 5 boys and 2 girls and moved to Hill County Texas to farm. George died Oct 19,1910 and is buried in Dover Cemetery, Hubbard, Tx. Cornelia died Oct 21,1917.
Descendant: Mack Christian; DeSoto, Texas

Pvt. Isaac McManimie
Isaac McManimie was born in Prairie County, AR on April 28, 1843. On February 15, 1862 he enlisted at Des Arc, Arkansas in Company H, Lemoyne's 17th Regimented Arkansas Infantry as a private serving under Captain W. W. Wair. On May 15th, Lemoyne's 17th was consolidated into McCarver's 21st. Isaac was then in Company G. On September 15, 1862 he was left sick at the Iuka Hospital in Iuka, Mississippi. Four days later was the Battle of Iuka. Iuka was a Union victory, and the town was captured. Isaac was listed as a prisoner of War from the battle. He left the Confederacy shortly thereafter and came up to Herrick, Illinois where in 1863 he married Mary Sarver who's family was from Kentucky via Virginia. Isaac later became the sheriff of Herrick, Illinois. He died on December 20, 1928 and is buried in Herrick, Illinois.
Descendant: Rolfe Jaremus; Woodridge, IL.

Pvt. Edward Calloway Malone
Edward Calloway Malone, uncle of my grandmother, first enlisted in Company B of the Camden Knights when he was about 17 years old. His records indicate that he enlisted in Co. G of the 11th Arkansas Regiment on July 23, 1861. His cousin J. J. Haynes was in the same company. Edward either escaped capture or was absent on sick leave at the time of the surrender at Island No. 10. He later shows up in records of Co. E. of the 2nd Arkansas Infantry (Private/Sergeant). According to my grandmother, he served all through the war and his parents thought that he was on his way home, but he disappeared. His family never knew what happened to him, although they suspected he might have been killed in a train wreck.
Descendant: Barbara Walker Ray; Missouri City, TX.

Pvt. James Mathis
Carey Mathis; Kirkland, WA.

Pvt/Cpl Thomas Ferrill Milam, Jr.
At age 17, Thomas Ferrill Milam, Jr., along with his father, Thomas Ferrill Milam, Sr., and his brother Lucas Coleman Milam, enlisted in the 17th Ark Inf at Fort Smith, Arkansas in Nov 1861. His father was wounded at the Battle of Pea Ridge and died in Van Buren military hospital, March 1862. Thomas and his brother were later captured at the Battle of Corinth, Miss. Thomas was exchanged and Lucas was paroled. On July 4, 1863, during the Battle of Helena, Arkansas, Thomas was again captured. He was imprisoned for one year at Alton, Illinois and then Fort Delaware, Delaware until May 1865. Thomas served in the 17th, Co. F 11th/17th Consol, Co. I and 35th, Co. A, Ark Infs prior to being imprisoned. He also had 3 other brothers that served in the 35th Ark, making 6 the total number of his immediate family serving in the Confederate Army. He died in 1912 at his farm at Sub Rosa, Franklin County, AR.
Descendant: Oliver Milam; North Carolina
Descendant: Shauna Milam Hylton; Clarksville, Ar.

Pvt Calvin Edwin Montgomery
enlistdate: October, 1864; H of the 17th Arkansas Vol Calvary; I cannot find any information other than the United Confederate Veterans Certificate, which I hold in my possession. I also have a digital picture of Mr. Montgomery's Confederate Tombstone in Marianna, Arkansas.
Descendant: Jesse Montgomery; Marion, AR.

Pvt./Color Cpl. John F. Moore
John F. Moore was born ca. 1835 In Tenn. (possibly Bedford County), he married in 1858,in Randolph County, Ark. to Sarah Ann McCauley. They had a daughter Sary J. born ca. 1859, and a son Joseph Alexander born 1 Nove. 1861, Joseph is my gg grandfather. The story goes that when John F. went off to war he said goodbye to his famiy and as he walked across the yard he turned to my ggg grandmother Sarah and told her to take care of his boy...he later died from pneumonia. I have not yet been able to find his place of burial. John F. Moore was the son of Don Carlos (Dan?) Moore and Sarah G. Phillips.
Descendant: Linda Patton; Chehalis, WA.

Pvt. John F. Moore
Enlisted July 19, 1861; CO.B. (Rough & Ready Rifles) 11th Arkansas Inf., later transferred 11/17 Consolidated Inf. John F. Moore was born in 1842 in DeSoto County, MS. After the war he Married Mary T. Hockersmith in Saline County, AR. He died in 1900 in Sterrit, I. T.
Descendant: George Moore; Midwest City, OK

Pvt. William Perkins
Fought with the 11th/17th Arkansas, 1861-1865
Descendant: Bob Olson, Pyatt, Arkansas

Pvt. Thomas J. Plemons
I Company, 11th Infantry; Enlisted: 10/29/1861
Terry Plemons; St Louis, MO

Pvt. Joel Turner Porter
11th Arkansas Calvary, Logan's Brigade
Descendant: David Porter; DeSoto, TX>

Pvt. Isaac Aaron Pitts
Enlisted in Co. F, 11th Arkansas Inf. on July 19, 1861 in Benton Co., AR. Captured at Island #10 on 8 APR 1862, and sent to Union POW Camp Douglas, ILL. Recovered from wounds at the Camp Douglas Hospital and sent via steamboat to Vicksburg,MS to be exchanged. Isaac is buried in the McDaniel (Granny Mc) cemetery not far from his original homestead. His wife, Martha Harris Pitts, lies next to him. Isaac attended the CSA Vets Reunion in Rogers, AR in 1891. GJ 16 APR 1999
Descendant: Glenn Jones; Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sgt. Henry Harrison Purifoy
Co. G; Born 28 Aug 1841 at Snow Hill, Wilcox Co., AL,to Henry Marshall PURIFOY and Frances A. Lytha GRIFFIN, died 14 Sept 1920 in Ouachita Co., AR, buried in the Pace City Cemetery in Ouachita Co., AR, married Matilda Callie ATKINS 22 Sept 1866.
Descendant: Byron D. Sartor; Strong, Ar.

Pvt. John Warren Reed
John Warren Reed was born Oct 1844 in Ft. Smith, AR to Jesse and Sarah(Lloyd) Reed. John enlisted at Bentonville, AR 25 Feb(year unclear). He appears on company muster roll for Mar and Apr 1863 11th & 17th Consolidated. He later appears on Roll of Prisoners of War 18 Oct 1863 Jasper Co., MO. His brothers James H. Reed and Jesse Cornelius Reed served in Co. C 35th Arkansas Infantry. John worked as a brickmason after the war and married Sarah A. Patterson 17 Feb 1870. He died 16 Jan 1912 in Ft. Smith, AR. John W. Reed and his wife are buried in unmarked graves in Oak Cemetery in Ft. Smith, AR.
Descendant: Dan Westphal; Round Rock, Texas

Pvt. Squire James Roberts
Born 4 Dec. 1833 in Tennessee. Died 5 July, 1909 at Horse Creek in San Saba County, Texas. Married Mariah C. Crabtree 26 Dec. 1864 in Sevier Co., Arkansas. Had one daughter, Lucinda who married Matthew E. Bessent. He applied for and received a Confederate Pension (No. 12606) from the State of Texas
Descendant: Stanley Bessent; Goldthwaite, Texas

Pvt. William Henry Sadbury
William Henry Sadbury (Sedberry), Pvt. with Co. A, 11th/17th Consol. Arkansas Inf. William was born 24 Oct. 1847/48 in Tennessee, and died 10 Oct. 1923 in Merkel, Tx. He is buried in Hawley Cemetery, Jones Co., Tx.
Descendant: John Weldon; Midland, Texas

Pvt. John D. Shannon
Co. K - 1861; Born 1836, John D Shannon was from Lee's Creek Township in Crawford County, AR. He enlisted in Company E of the 17th Arkansas Infantry and served in this unit until the consolidation of the 17th with the 11th Arkansas. He then served in Company K of the 11th and 17th Consolidated. He was a brother-in-law to Elisha Summerfield Bateman (see above) having married Lucy Jane Bateman in 1858. They had one son "Will" born abt 1860. John was reported dead and Lucy married my gg grandfather Samuel Pershall in 1864. Rumor was that John returned from the dead, but have been able to confirm death or his life after the War.
Descendant: Diana Powels; Yuma, AZ

Pvt. Robert Slaughter
Descendant: Phillip Slaughter; Clearview City, KS.

Pvt. W.G. Slaughter
Descendant: Phillip Slaughter; Clearview City, KS.

Pvt. J.F. Snelson
Enlisted, Co. G, 1961. J. F. Snelson was originally from GA and was born in 1825. He was married to Berthina Ingram and had 4 children with a fifth on the way. Don't know if he made it back home. Was a farmer in Stephens, Ouachita County.The land patents list him as Iverson F. Snelson .
Descendant: Sylvia McAllister; Marietta, Ga.

Pvt. George W. Sperling (Spurlin)
Enlisted 15 Jan 1862. George W. Spurlin was born in the Hot Springs, AR area about 1841/42. On his muster rolls, one of them remarked that he "was promoted to 2nd Lt. Sept. 30, 1862-Was examined and rejected". Another muster roll remarked he was "detailed as a waggoner". He apparently received a bullet wound in the "lower third of the humerus, passing under the biceps". George was married 1st to Mary Ann Irwin and had 7 children. He then married Sarah E. Fry and had 3 more children. George was a farmer. I have his Confederate commerative medal that was given out in Little Rock at the 21st reunion on May 16, 17 & 18, 1911. George died on 09 June 1914 and is buried at Grant's Chapel Cemetery, Bonnerdale, AR.
Descendant: Kitty Spurlin McLaughlin; Stockton Springs, Me.

Pvt/Sgt George L. Stacy
George was born 1847 in Hickman County, Kentucky. He died December 24, 1907 in Conway, Arkansas. Enlisted July, 1862. Company B, 11/17 Consol.; Company K, 11th Arkansas.
Descendant: Sharon Mercer-Holbert, Page, Arizona

Pvt/Lt. McHenry Stainer
Co. D; 11th Arkansas Inf.
Descendant: Carole Mayfield; Maumelle, AR

Pvt. William Stuart
Enlisted Dec. 1861 in Co. H. William Stewart was born about 1837, place unknown. He was married to Sarah Ellen Hyden in Hempstead Co., Ark. in Apr of 1861. He died in a Little Rock Hospital sometime during the war of what was probably pneumonia. He left one son, Alexander Stewart, who moved with his mother to Hill County, Texas sometime around William's death.
Descendant: Pamela Cossey; London, Arkansas

Pvt. Calvin Stuckey, Co. A.
Calvin Stuckey was from Saline County, Arkansas and originally enlisted in the 11th Arkansas Infantry in July, 1861, then with Griffith's 11/17th Consolidated Infantry and at the end of the war, was promoted to sergeant and fought with Poe's Cavalry Battalion.
Descendant: Wayne Beck, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Descendant: Jimmie D. Jones; Odessa, Texas

Pvt. William Stuckey, Co. A.
William Stuckey was from Saline County, Arkansas and originally enlisted in the 11th Arkansas Infantry in July, 1861, and was later captured at Reelfoot Lake near Island #10, Missouri and sent to Camp Douglas. Upon release from prison he reinlisted in the 11th/17th Consolidated Infantry.
Descendant: Wayne Beck, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Descendant: Jimmie D. Jones; Odessa, Texas

Pvt. J.D. Talkington
Co. C - First of four brothers to enlist. Other brothers enlisted in 35th Ark CSA. Two died shortly after their involvement at Prarie Grove. Remaining brother (Joseph)was my ancestor. J.D. joined the 1st Ark Inf (USA) in Sept. of '63.
Descendant: Craig J. Coombs; Palo Alto, CA

Pvt. Newton Thompson
11th/17th Consolidated, CO. I; enlisted 11/20/1861
Descendant: William Thompson; Memphis, TN

Capt. George W. VanHoose
Company D, 17th Inf.
Descendant: Keith Adkins; Frankfort, Ky.

Pvt. Wilson Polk Wallace
Co. H; 17th AR Inf. - Born August 9, 1844 in Hempstead Co., AR. First enlisted April, 1861, in Davis Blues at age 17. Enlisted in 17th AR Infantry by Capt. Jett, April, 1862. Wounded at Corinth, MS, sent home on sick leave. Appears on Aug., 1863 muster roll in Consolidated 11th and 17th Arkansas Infantry. Listed as being a prisoner of war, captured at Port Hudson on July 9, 1863. Later exchanged and joined Capt. Wyley Stuart's company from Washington, which was a part of Colonel Monroe's Regiment of Cavalry. Unsure of his discharge date. After the war, he lived in Hempstead County, AR, married three times, had 19 children, and died in a St. Louis, MO hospital, July 11, 1938, at age 93 as he was returning from the 75th Reunion of the Blue and Gray at Gettysburg. Buried in St. Paul's Cemetery near Ozan, Hempstead County, AR.
Descendant: Barbara Ray; Missouri City, Texas

Sgt. Dennis W. Wallis
enlisted July 18,1861; CO.D,11 Regiment Arkansas Troops
Descendant: Frank R Buckholz Jr.; Fairview, IL.

Pvt. Alexander Weatherford
Enlisted Oct 20, 1861; Co B Griffiths 17th Arkansas Infantry
Descendant: Yvonne Crutcher; Normal, IL

Pvt. William W. Weldon
Enlisted April 13, 1862. First fought with Hempstead Rifles, then many of the men joined other units...Weldon was at Port Hudson...taken prisoner, exchanged...lived and resided in Jackson, La. after the war
Descendant: Sharron Martin; Houston, Tx.

Pvt. Henry Weldon
Enlisted 1863, 11th/17th Infantry
Joan Weldon Wood; Van Vleck, Texas

Pvt. Richard Williams
Something happened to him in spring of 1862 and died later that year. His wife was listed as Nancy Williams. They both came from McNairy Co.Tn.and moved to arkansaw after they married. He was listed as being born in 1835. She applied for a CSA pension(#5146)in Hot Springs Co.Ar.-7-14-1902
Descendant: Rita M. Horton; Fairhope, AL

Sgt. Wilkerson Witten
Enlisted Co. B.; Dec. 5, 1861. Wilkerson Witten was born in east Tennessee 11 February 1833. He accompanied his widowed mother and his siblings to Arkansas in 1849, settling in Saline County in the area of present-day Sardis. Wilkerson was a private in Co. K, 11 Regiment Arkansas Infantry, and later was 5 Sergeant in Co. B, 11th & 17th Consolidated. He was captured at Island No. 10 April 8, 1862, and was later released. He died 29 April 1863 at Port Hudson, Louisiana and is buried in a long-forgotten soldiers burying-ground near the river.
Descendant: Mary Laging Lewis; Norman, Oklahoma

Pvt. Elias Franklin Yeager
Pvt. Elias Yeager was born on January 10, 1839, in White County, Tennessee. In 1859, in Sandhill Arkansas, he married Arty Mincy of De Calb County, Alabama. When they married, Arty was 13 years old and Elias was twenty years old. When the Civil War broke out, he joined the 17th Arkansas and was a bushwhacker for the southern army. His main job was to steal back the horses the Northerners had stolen.
Descendant: Jim Mann

Pvt. T.S. Young
Company E
Descendant: Glenda S Callaway; Flippin, Ar.
Descendant: Duane Young; Fresno, Ca.

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