Daniel Bedingfield
Woohoo! Hellooooooo welcome to the part of my site dedicated to Daniel Bedingfield! Havent got very far yet due to lack of time but it is going to be fabulous I promise you all :P

Hopefully, if things go aswell as I plan, there will be news sections too, to help people know whats going on with Daniel and where he's gonna be.. if he's gonna be on the television yadda yadda yadda, I'll do my best to keep you updated on that.. and when his new single will be out etc etc and well anything else I fancy telling you all about :P

Daniel is basically FANTASTIC! And there will be reviews of concerts I went to as well as a couple of pictures (including a picture of his towel which I snatched LOL) . All in all if you bear with me a little longer the page will be at least a fraction of fabulous as Daniel actually is! A talented, gorgeous singer who sings from the heart. Read the lyrics, buy the album, it is totally worth it. And if he's performing near you DON'T miss out. You'll be glad you didn't!

Bye for now :o)

OH The Repackaged album is out now with new tracks and everything!! And his new single Never Gonna Leave Your Side  is out ON MONDAY!! Buy it buy buy it buy it buy it buy it @_@
News.. And Stuff :)
This bit is under mega construction lolol! But I am working on it! Will be fully interactive soon! And may even have a few suprises in store ;)

But for the time being why don't you check out the official Daniel Bedingfield page?!

Or post on the forums! I'm known there as Leanne, say Hi :D

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