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Woooo :D And Welcome to the part of my page that is totally devoted to the wonderfulness and gorgousness of Darren Stanley Hayes :D He is just so cute, fabulous, and has a voice that just.. *SWOOOOOON* I shall update often so please check back :) I have a profile, lyrics, gallery and a page listing some others Darren sites, and I of course recomend you check out EVERYTHING =D <not biased at all *g*>

Hopefully, if things go aswell as I plan, there will be news sections too, to help people know whats going on with Darren and where he's gonna be.. if he's gonna be on the television yadda yadda yadda, but note, I am from the UK so anything I list is gonna be UK biased! Sowwwwy But there are sites in my links sections that will you find things from the many different countries of which Darren has fans :D

If there is anything you would like to see.. Can't find.. *COUGH* think i did wrong.. then please contact me :D I can take..*constructive* criticism *g* lol and if theres something I Don't have and you can't seem to find then ask me still as I usually manage to find a great many deal of obscure things.. either that or know who can lol. Well thats it for me.. OO i recommend that if your not already a member of the BBS you should join! Totally great and you will get up to date information on where Darren is at as there are a great many willing, helpful fans who are members :) You can join through and if your there my BBS name is Ennael.. just so you know who I am lol

Other than that I hope you have fun and hope my site helps you realise just how fabulous Darren is :D *Drifts off into daydreams involving a very cute Darren...* *swoon*
News.. And Stuff :)
Hmm the news plan isn't working out well at all.. I don't have enough time to update to let you know all the news thats happening.. But I'm trying to work something out for ya all.. thanks for bearing with me :)

Hellooo again! Just a reminded (mostly to myself lol) that there will be concert reviews and concert pics up here soon! From too close for comfort.. aswell as PITP pics (I know its taken forever but it will be worth it I promise) Ciao for now!
Due to the overwhelming response I have uploaded the PowerFM clip for all to hear :) What was that Darren? How would your perfect fantasy weekend end? :O Click Here :)
Crush is out on the 20th of January!!! Get ready to buy buy buy! Number one here Darren comes!!!!
Help promote Crush! Phone up your local DJ and rave how brill Crush is! It needs your support!
Greatest Hits- Savage Garden, to be released 24th March!!! ~How exciting! Best start saving your pennies!!!
Darren is taking a well deserved break at the moment, so to prove that he's not forgotten why not call up your local radio station and request one of his fabulous singles?!
Greatest Hits- Savage Garden, release date postponed. They want to make it better than ever! Watch this space for the new date!
NB I am currently revising excessivly for my upcoming exams :( So unfortunately updates will be rare and far between, however comne the 24th of June I will have something special for you all to make up for it!! Mwah :-*