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Okay I don't really know what is an appropriate title and all for this section but basically some of my pals felt like writing something to go on my website :D And of course I'm happy to oblige because of how nice I am <g> Anyways, for now they can go here until I get a chance to put it all in a more appropriate section.. so for now yeah :P Oh and Ty to whoever wrote me something :D I luv yas all :D MWAH
So here's my little bit on Daniel Jones (yes, it's *very* brief!). Thankfully Leanne has let me put this on her site. This man really is one of my idols (hell, I get enough flack for liking him!). Born on the 22nd of July 1973, the youngest of three brothers (Jonathon and Oliver - more on Oli later!), his family moved to Australia from Essex, England, when Daniel was 8 months old.
He picked up on his love for music at an early age from his brothers, learning to play, amongst others, the guitar, drums, piano and keyboard. He's a self-confessed school-skipper (hence his nickname Waggin J) and dropped out in the 10th grade.
He worked in a printers, then formed a band, along with his brother Oliver and some other friends. The band, Red Edge, advertised for a singer, along came Darren Hayes (yes Leanne, you can breathe now! I only mentioned his name!), and the complete line-up was formed. The rest of their history is in Darren't bit of the site (hopefully is someone ever gets around to writing something about him!)!
Daniel still lives in Brisbane, and now owns his own record label Meridienmusik, which has so far signed two artists - the fantastic Aneiki ( and another female solo artist (who hasn't yet been named!) Daniel co-writes, plays instruments, records and produces for these artists and wants to sign more bands to his label. So keep up the good work Daniel - you're such an inspiration to me!
Oliver Jones is also a member of his own band, Brooklyn Star (, and writes most of their songs. Rumour has it that they're pretty good live too (*whispers oi, Oli, when're you lot coming to the UK?!)
Charlotte (A RW friends if you've forgotten already :P) wrote me a bit on Daniel Jones cos <coughinsanecough> <g> jokin, well someone has to write about him don't they, lol teasing again, he is actually good at what he does and (*whispers* he aint all *that* bad looking*) And yes it would go better in a Savage Garden, or Darren section or something and yes I'm working on it  But for now let's let Charlotte talks about what she knows best! lol thanx Choc for taking time ;D
Another of my friends, Lisa (aka Rachypatchy, IW friends) is actually an in the closet poet <g> And Yes I did ask her if I could put some poems up and she told me "SURE! Go ahead!" So here i go, going ahead :) Thanx Lili for gracing my site with your poetry :D Next step.. get published! Mwah ;)
Daniel and Oliver :)
Darren and Daniel :D
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I hold out my hand,
And I pray what I wish, you understand.

Tearing my feelings apart
Your actions they speak to my heart
And no matter what my head tells me to do
I know my heart will always be chasing you

You're so incredible
You have a wonderous mind
I feed off your words
Forget my life
Leave it behind
Forget what everyone else is saying
Just for this moment
Let me cherish it, cherish it forever

Your words bury deep inside me
They make me cry, they make smile
And I'm wishing all the while
I really pray and wish to see
Someday you'll thread some words for me

You're all over the place
You're all over my mind
All I see is your face
I'm leaving my world behind
I hide in my shadow
Need to be in your clear
My face on my pillow
And I'm wishing you here
I want my life
I want my care
I want my feelings
I want you there
I want my hope
I want my desire
I want my dream
Set my love on fire

I hold out my hand
And pray what I wish, you understand.

I just thought I'd tell you
I just thought I'd let you know
Now I've said more than I ever dreamed of
Now I'l fade away
Now I'll go
Keep a watch here for more poetry just as great as this :D I shall add more regularly!
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