Matt Wilkins
Helllooooo! Welcome to the part of my page that is devoted to the wonderful and fantastic Matt Wilkins. Although, sadly, Matt no longer does BRMB's evening show, he is still as fabulous as ever and has new and exciting things on the way! Which you can check up on by visiting the offical Matt Wilkins Fanclub page by clicking here!

Please bear in mind that this page is totally unofficial, and basically has no use except for showing how popular the tasty Matt Wilkins is. For news, photos (including web cam shots!), and a bio, please check out the Official Matt Wiilkins Fanclub page as it will allow you to gain insight into what we Matt fans are so crazy about! It totally does him a lot more justice than here, AND thanks to the wonderful Sue, is beautifully laid out! So check it out :P
So far we only have a little because of my total lack of time but I shall update this very soooooon! But we do have pictures from Party in the park and I have to say he was fab, and I was so excited he was there lol. And yup I cheered like a mad person, with my friend waving our little We Love Matt Wilkins sign, which went seriously wrong.. haha Had to finish it colouring it in in the queue, and then realised we hadn't put the heart on so had to fold it over so it just said Matt Wilkins, but it was fun and I had a great time! Look out for the party in the park section for more pics.. coming soon! Well enough of the babble, please e-mail Matt to get him on the hitlist! And look back for more pictures and hopefully a better arranged page! Very soon :) ~Mwahs~
Matt (Kinda backstage) at PITP :D (With Scott Hughes)
More Pictures!
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:O Getting told off over the webcam LOL
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If you have a Matt Wilkins fanpage thats not listed here, please e-mail me and I'll link you!
Of course, I am a member of The Matt Wilkins Fanclub! Many thanks to Sue for the graphic here!
As some of you may know, the Matt Wilkins Fanclub has been running for over a year now! WOHOOO! And I just wanted to take this moment to thank all its members, particularly Sue, who have made is such a wonderful place to be. Without Sue the fanclub wouldn't exist so I would like to thank her, for all the hard work she has put in! (Hehe and believe me, with members like me it must be hard work ;) ) And also thank you to all the members. The MWFC has become a rather big piece of my life! And I have made some great friends! So thank you all! Hehe and of course huge thanks must go to the gorge Matt himself for bringing us all together!!

Cheers everyone :) *Lifts up virtual champagne glass* (Though we know what that tends to lead to LMAO)