Oo Look, haven't updates this in like a YEAR! Soo, well there's not all that much new actually lmao, so that is probably why!! Erm can't even remember what I wrote last time.. so sorry if I repeat myself! Not like anyone really reads this lmao! I could probably say ANYTHING and noone would even notice! Not that I'm complaining as with the rambling I tend to do.. could be embarassing if everyone read it!
Anyway! I think last time I wasnt as much into Daniel Bedingield.. but if I was then I'm gonna repeat it anyway! Cos hes luuuuurvly! I've seen him LOTS AND LOTS and still can't get enough! He is such a great performer, and totally on a par with Darren Hayes! Also absoloutely gorgeous and soo hyper! He's like a little jelly bean jumping around on the stage!! Bless him!
Darren, who I'm still a 'freak' for, has just finished his break, so am looking foward to hearing something new from him soon! It's been sooo long! Miss him lol! But a new album is on the way soon, as is Dan's new album! Hope they don't come out at the same time I wont know which to listen to first!!
Erm anyway, I've finally finished school! WOHOO! Though I'm so scared about my results and uni and all that, that apart from these two lines I will not mention it! :X Results day is the 14th so erm am dreading that lmao, but once its over PHEW, and then I will be going to Spain with Alice to celebrate! Can't wait, gonna be the best holiday EVER!
And if its not, I know what will be! On Sunday I am going on holiday with my family for three weeks! Three whole weeks?! What could I do in three weeks! Well I am off to LA for a week, Fuigi for a week, and Raratonga (and island in the Cook Islands) for a week! aha! I am so excited! Going to be a great holiday and am sooo gonna get a suntan and maybe spot someone famous and drag them home with me! (OK maybe not the dragging but the spotting never the less!)
Anyway I best be off! I should be sleeping so I can do something useful tomorrow in all my freedom! OH I passed my driving test too! WOHOOOOO :D Bye for now!
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