For Hazel
Please note, all the pictures on this page were robbed, I mean borrowed ;) from Jo's page (click!) you can see more of the lovely Hazel there :) 'This is just a tribute ;)'
Hello, this page is dedicated to the prettiest duck from the pond, Hazel. For those of you who havent heard much on  updates on the lovely Hazel (go check out the Hazel and Bill pages on Jo's site!) I regret to inform you that poor Hazel has been suffering quite recently, from repetitive attacks from a cat.

As you can imagine the poor duck  has become very distressed by such attacks, and in turn has caused a lot of distress for her 'family' and 'friends'. We can only hope that the cat gets what it deserves, and Hazel makes a full recovery and is able to watch over her eggs until they hatch and cute little ducklings are able to toddle in a line towards Jo's pond.

This page is not much, but is intended only as a tribute to Hazel, in hope of encouraging her to make a full recovery. Here's to Hazel feeling much better real soon :):)
Hazel and Bill, love at first sight! Don't they make a cute couple?!
Hazel and Jo. Yes you do see Hazel eating out of Jo's hand!!! The trust Hazel for Jo is wonderful and amazing :) Bless them both!! :):)
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The lovely Hazel!