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Lampmann photo taken 1926 in South Dakota

Lampmann photo taken 1926 in South Dakota

(top row l-r) Anna, Frederike, Augusta
(bottom row l-r) Caroline, Mother Caroline
(my great-great-grandmother age 86),
Marie (my great-grandmother)

HI FELLOW ROOTERS My name is Barbara (Larkin) Pierce. I live in Montana; however, my ancestors came from Germany, Denmark, England and Ireland.

My curiosity got the better of me when my children did a school project compiling our family tree. At that time, I became interested in genealogy. With the help of my mother, family members, and playing detective, I have been able to begin documenting our family line.

I decided to start my research with my maternal Great-grandmother, Marie (Lampmann) Meier, and her six sisters. Our family only knew of one of her sisters, Augusta (Lampmann) Schumann. It always bothered me that we never knew the names of the other five missing Lampmann sisters. Until I started researching, I never knew anything about my Great-great grandparents as well.

It has been quite an adventure. The Lampmann Family was from Schluesselburg, Westfalen County, Germany and my Great-great grandparents, Conrad and Caroline (Rolfenk) Lampmann and five of their children came to the United States by way of Southampton/Bremen on June 19, 1885 on the passenger ship "Rhein". My Great-grandmother, Marie, and the oldest daughter, Sophie, arrived separately. Marie arrived in New York in 1884 and Sophie arrived May, 24, 1881 in New York from Bremen on the passenger ship "Habsburg" . All of the family except for my Great-grandmother traveled west to South Dakota and were early homesteaders. My Great-great grandparents staked a claim there in 1887 in Gales Township, Aurora County, South Dakota. My great-grandmother was the only child to remain in the East, New Jersey. I was born and raised in New Jersey and just recently moved to Montana.

Join me on this adventure and visit the links listed below to review my LAMPMANN ancestors and descendants as well as the other surnames. I am researching:


My paternal ancestors are being researched by my uncle, William Larkin Please contact him in regard to the following surnames:


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Conrad and Caroline (Rolfenk) Lampmann ... my Great-great-grandparents
Sophie (Lampmann) Degen
Caroline Lampmann
Marie (Lampmann) Meier ... my Great-grandmother
Friederike (Lampmann) Tegethoff
Anna (Lampmann) Brinkmann
Wilhelmine (Lampmann) Wallbaum
Augusta (Lampmann) Schumann

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