Steroids are a group of powerful compounds that are related chemically to testosterone, the male sex hormone.They were developed in the 1930ís originally to build tissue and to prevent its breakdown in some debilitating diseases.They are also used to help men whose bodies canít produce enough of the natural hormone that is needed for proper development of body hair, a lower voice, or other masculine characteristics that occur at puberty.Mostly athletes are abusing anabolic steroids.Taken in combination with a program of muscle-building exercise and diet, steroids tend to increase body weight and muscular strength.Steroids are dangerous, especially to teenagers.


Text Box: Signs of Use:
∑	Quick muscle and weight gain
∑	Behavioral changes
∑	Severe acne
∑	Aggressive, combative
∑	Jaundice
∑	Purple or red-colored spots on the body, in the mouth, or a nose rash
∑	Swelling of feet or lower legs
∑	Trembling
∑	Unexplained darkening of the skin (not a tan)
∑	Persistent bad breath
The above are merely possible signs of steroid use.

∑	Extreme aggression
∑	Body hair growth in women (irreversible)
∑	Male, pattern baldness (irreversible in women)
∑	Oily skin, or edema
∑	Stunted growth, bone pain
∑	Chills, dizziness, diarrhea
∑	Bowel and urinary habit changes
∑	Gall stones, hives
∑	Constant headache, sore throat
∑	Excessive calcium
∑	Insomnia (sleeping disorders)
∑	High blood pressure
∑	Kidney stones, kidney disease
∑	Muscle cramps
∑	Nausea or vomiting
∑	Unexplained weight loss
∑	Unusual bleeding, nose bleeds
∑	Liver cancer, tumors
∑	Pelosis hepatitis
∑	Heart disease, heart attacks
∑	Strokes
∑	Anaphylactic shock, septic shock
∑	Genital swelling (penis or clitoral)
∑	Sexual dysfunction
∑	Sterility, male or female
∑	Impotence
∑	Withered testicles
∑	Prostate enlargement
∑	Breast reduction, women
∑	Breast enlargement, men
∑	Fetal damage
∑	Menstrual irregularities
∑	Cessation of ovulation
∑	Depression
∑	Other mental problems
∑	Death
These side effects may take months or years to surface.

Where do steroids come from?

Physicians seldom prescribe steroids.Used for athletic injuries, steroids create more harm than good because they retard the healing process and suppress the immune system.Steroids have been purchased through magazine ads, other athletes, gyms, and occasionally by prescription from a physician.Used illegally, steroids are obtained through the black market from underground laboratories and foreign sources.These steroids lack quality, purity, and are often counterfeits with fake labels implying legitimate companies manufactured them.Containing unknown or inappropriate ingredients these steroids are often manufactured in un-sterile facilities.Federal agencies are trying to close in on all illegal steroid manufacturers.


Can a steroid user get AIDS?

Yes.AIDS cases have been reported among steroid users.The black market dealers who distribute these drugs have been known to resell used needles, which increases the chances for a steroid user to contract the AIDS virus.


Are steroids dangerous?

  1. Steroids are often used for muscle definition and body toning.Using steroids can give muscle strength and weight however, it cannot strengthen tendons or ligaments.This can only be achieved through a weight-training program.
  2. Steroids and a rigorous weight-training program can overwork weak tendons and ligaments and cause damage that may take a long time to heal.
  3. Athletes not on a weight-training program before using steroids have shown no change of muscular size even after starting a weight-training program with steroids.
  4. A misconception is that steroids can be used just once ďto get started.ĒWrong!To keep the steroid effects, users must continue using the drugs.
  5. Besides serious physical and mental problems, steroids can cost $50-$600 a month.
  6. Emphasize the importance of a healthy body achieved by hard work and training, not by using drugs which include steroids.


Facts about steroids for teenagers:

Steroids are dangerous for anyone at any age, but especially for teenagers.Steroids can cause:

          Premature halting of bone growth.

          Height to be limited or stunted.

          Severe acne, or worsen present acne.

          An imbalance in normal hormone production and interfere with sexual maturation.

          Long-term effects on fertility (they may never have children), and sexual functions.

          Addictiveness and dependency.

          Muscle bulk to decrease after the user stops taking steroids.

          Side effects.And most are irreversible once the user stops taking the drugs.



















True Stories:

One young boy began taking steroids at 13.After taking them for 6 months, he was so full of anger he said he couldíve played a 7-day football game and still wouldnít have gotten all of his anger out.By the time he was a senior he weighed 210 lbs. At 5í9.ĒHe had become so hostile and aggressive that he didnít just want to tackle someone; he wanted to take their head off.He often vomited and had blood in his urine.He finally quit using steroids when he spent 6 weeks in the hospital for liver and kidney damage, stomach ulcers, and a mild heart attack.


A 26-year-old bodybuilder took anabolic steroids for 3 years and died of liver cancer.Because of poor circulation, a professional boxer, after taking steroids for 11 years, had to have both of his legs amputated.







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