Michaelangelo Merisi called Caravaggio  died a few months before his thirty-ninth birthday, his known creative life having lasted less than two decades.  During the eighteen years between his arrival in Rome and his death, he underwent the trials and enjoyed the pleasures of a young artist in a great cosmopolitan center, the triumph of spectacular success, the adventure of travel in unknown but welcoming lands, and the anguish of disgrace, exile and a solitary death.    He was exceptionally intelligent, he had ample opportunity to exercise his artistic powers, he enjoyed the protection exalted patrons, and he usually was generously paid.  Yet his personality was alienated, he was sexually ambiguous, and during most of his maturity, he was remarkably ill-behaved.  This webpage is designed based on the book titled CARAVAGGIO written by Alfred Moir, Professor of Art History, University of California at Santa Barbara.

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