In a world of over Six billion people, why do some feel the need to hate?
I have been called a Child of Darqness, and I love. You are referred to as a Child of Light and you hate, Why? Please explain it to me.
Why does my Dark skin offend you? Has it done something to you?
There are too many problems in this world that you can hate me for something as trivial as melanin levels.

Now on the subject of Same Sex relationships.
Why does it matter to you if Adam dates Steve? or that Eve likes Lilith? Are they bothering you? Or maybe you are upset because they express something that you hide inside?
I know not the reason why you hate, and frankly I don't care. But if you must hate, please keep it to yourself.
No more violence.
We grow tired of it.
Find some more intelligible way to express your views.
You are entitled to them, even though I don't like them.
So do us a favor and grow up please. The time for childishness is over and done with. The Mother is dying and its all our fault. Instead of hating one another, lets come together and try to heal her before we are all out of a home.

To all my people who understand, I have Love for you.
We will be victorious in the end.
This I know.
Until the end and the new beginning People.

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