Opening Chotakun Anime| 20.10.02
Posted By Ashura
Ok the layout is finally finished! LOVE IT OR WAT ? ^_^I'm gonna be adding Anime Reviews and a gallery to da site, should be opened VERY soon. But for now I need some staff member that can help me post Anime News ! I need original news and up to date news, if you think you can help email me here

Nothing happenin..| 11.05.03
Posted By Ashura
It's been almost a year and guess what? the site is pretty much just closed down!!I'm totally stuffed up, my dreamweaverMX expired and I can't be bothered working here so yea...I Might make a new name for the site because it's just too lame lol. By the way, the next update would probably be next year again *sigh* lots of work to do so yea.