Six Past Eight Gallery
Elizabeth L. Northrop
A Gallery of Original Art

Six Past Eight is my unique virtual fine art gallery offering original art in both traditional and contemporary styles. Most of my textural oil painting work is influenced by the abstract expressionist movement. My landscape pastel drawings are influenced by Fairfield Porter. My still life paintings are influenced by William Baily. This is a very vague description of my work so see for yourself.....


  • Abstract Paintings 1
  • Abstract Paintings 2
  • Abstract Paintings 3
  • Still-Life/Landscape Paintings
  • Pastel Drawings 1
  • Pastel Drawings 2
  • Pencil Drawings
  • Abstract Ink Drawings
  • Elizabeth L. Northrop 13 Gardner Court    Liverpool, NY    USA    13090    phone:(315) 461-8095    email
    Six Past Eight/ Virtual Gallery