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Where did I come from before I was born?
You are humbly invited to consider what is written below.  Please know that I have copied and pasted information here that was written by modern day prophets of God.  I bear testimony that these things are true because I have prayed about it, studied it out in my mind, and lived the principles contained herein for many years.  As you read, please do so with an open mind and you are invited to ask your Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ if what you are reading is true - even if it could be true - and if you will pray about it with a sincere heart, having real intent, I promise you that the truthfulness of this information will be manifested unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost. By the power of the Holy Ghost you may come to know the truthfulness of all things.  The information contained herein is doctrinal from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  This, however, is NOT an official page of the Church.  This is my own testimony and because I know it is true I am very careful to make sure that not so much as one word that is not doctrinally sound and in accordance with that of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is included in any of my pages.  You are invited to email me directly to ask further questions or discuss anything you read here.                      Ken Jackson
From his Book: "Mormon Doctrine", here are the words of a modern day apostle of the Lord:

McConkie, Bruce R. Mormon Doctrine. 2d ed. Salt Lake City, Utah: Bookcraft, 1966.

First Estate
See PRE-EXISTENCE, SECOND ESTATE. Both Abraham and Jude speak of pre-existence as our first estate, that is, it was the first time we lived as conscious identities. The spirits who were faithful in that first estate earned the right to be born into this world and get mortal bodies, bodies which would become the eternal habitation of the spirit after the resurrection. (Abra.3:22-28.) But the rebellious pre-existent spirits, "the angels which kept not their first estate" (Jude 6), have been denied bodies and the probationary experiences of this second estate of mortality.

CHILDREN, SPIRIT ELEMENT, STARS OF HEAVEN, WAR IN HEAVEN. Pre-existence is the term commonly used to describe the pre-mortal existence of the spirit children of God the Father. Speaking of this prior existence in a spirit sphere, the First Presidency of the Church (Joseph F. Smith, John R. Winder, and Anthon H. Lund) said: "All men and women are in the similitude of the universal Father and Mother and are literally the sons and daughters of Deity"; as spirits they were the "offspring of celestial parentage." (Man: His Origin and Destiny, pp. 351, 355.) These spirit beings, the offspring of exalted parents, were men and women, appearing in all respects as mortal persons do, excepting only that their spirit bodies were made of a more pure and refined substance than the elements from which mortal bodies are made. (Ether 3:16; D. & C. 131:7-8.)


To understand the doctrine of pre-existence two great truths must be accepted: 1. That God is a personal Being in whose image man is created, an exalted, perfected, and glorified Man of Holiness (Moses 6:57), and not a spirit essence that fills the immensity of space; and 2. That matter or element is self-existent and eternal in nature, creation being merely the organization and reorganization of that substance which "was not created or made, neither indeed can be." (D. & C. 93:29.) Unless God the Father was a personal Being, he could not have begotten spirits in his image, and if there had been no self-existent spirit element, there would have been no substance from which those spirit bodies could have been organized.


From the time of their spirit birth, the Father's pre-existent offspring were endowed with agency and subjected to the provisions of the laws ordained for their government. They had power to obey or disobey and to progress in one field or another. "The first principles of man are self-existent with God," the Prophet said. "God himself, finding he was in the midst of spirits and glory,because he was more intelligent, saw proper to institute laws whereby the rest could have a privilege to advance like himself."
(Teachings, p. 354.)


The pre-existent life was thus a period -- undoubtedly an infinitely long one -- of probation, progression, and schooling. The spirit hosts were taught and given experiences in various administrative capacities. Some so exercised their agency and so conformed to law as to become "noble and great"; these were foreordained before their mortal births to perform great missions for the Lord in this life. (Abra. 3:22-28.) Christ, the Firstborn, was the mightiest of all the spirit children of the Father. (D. & C.93:21-23.) Mortal progression and testing is a continuation of what began in pre-existence.


Every form of life had an existence in a spirit form before being born on this earth. (Moses 3:5-7.) In each instance the spirit creation was "in the likeness of that which is temporal; ... the spirit of man in the likeness of his person, as also the spirit of the beast, and every other creature which God has created." (D. & C. 77:2.)

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Referrences in the above text include:  D & C.  The "Doctrine and Covenants".  Inspired scripture given to the Prophet Joseph Smith and recognized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as scripture given to all mankind directly from God in these the latter days.

The above information is true and correct.  I bear humble witness of it in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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