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03 / 24 / 2006
- Its official. The band palns to continue where they left off last year. A new website is up. Go to New Website. This one will stay up for memories. Go to the new website for the latest information on the band. Peace....

10 / 18 / 2005
- Long time no update. We are back to tell you that the days on this website are numbered. We are moving to, very soon. With the new url, just around the corner, we also will introduce a new song "Strive". More information on that on our myspace site. We were able to top to #2 on the metal charts of Beta Records. Thanks to all that helped. We end this update to say, that Enraged will not fade until one more cd release; atlast to say that the current recordings will be the heaviest and most brutalist Enraged ever. To learn more about side projects; visit our myspace site as well. Peace. Until the next time...

07 / 23 / 2005
- All buttons are now functional. We have a new site up on the media page. Please visit - we are currently #5 on the metal charts of Beta Records. We are writing new material. Be back soon.

07 / 06 / 2005
- The media button is now function. We hope to have another button functional soon..

06 / 30 / 2005
- New song up on our site. Check it out! We are back to the studio. More info soon.

06 / 26 / 2005
- We are done recording "Retribution Mine", will be up soon.



Enraged Biography

Formed intially in 2002, the band did not begin to take a stable state until 2004. With the departure of drummer Robert Hernandez, came James Hall as a replacement. The band became a solid three piece, with Saul on bass, James on drums, and Alex on guitar/vocals. Seeking to find a more orignal, innovative sound, the band began to write songs that would showcase a more aggressive nature. Although their first cd release, "South Texas Metal", released in 2003, and re-released in April 2005, had caught the attention of webzines/magazines across the states, the band wanted to take their music to the next step. In June of 2005, "Retribution Mine", was recorded and thus began the long road to the bands new musical journey. Currently, the band continues to record and write songs for the forth coming full lenght cd, tentatively titled "Resurrection". The song "Retribution Mine" is the first single off the yet completed cd, but is still available for download at More songs will eventually follow.....

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