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More pictures of Chainsaw & Hand Carvings... And most recent works in bronze and wood

Here's the short history...

Carving since 1971...my first works were hand carving the tropical woods, Monkeypod, Milo, and Koa.

The next transition was carving patterns for reproduction in Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, and Maple...many of these originals,

are still being reproduced by foundries, furniture & picture frame manufacturers.

Other past works include chainsaw carving wildlife sculptures out of "salvaged and re-cycled wood" for Sundance Catalog...and,

Teaching wood carving classes, most notably at Webb School.

Bronze and wax chasing at Nordhammer Art Foundry.

Bronze chasing for Richard Macdonald.

30+ years experience carving for industry...

Patterns for Furniture and Plastics Reproduction...

Fine Art Casting and Chasing

Bronze Art and Monuments

Architectural Embellishment.

Woodcarvings Created, Copied, or Restored.

Machine Reproductions of your pattern or mine.

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Enrique Gonzalez

Lakeport, California

Lakeport, California