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Scott  Blanton
I'm a 16 year old, fun-loving guy that loves to be with his friends. I care alot about my friends and what they think of me.
  I'm a sophomore at White County High School. I have so many hard classes, they're driving me up the wall!
  I have ICQ my # 98664988 , look me up!!!
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I love to play sports! I play basketball ( city and church league ) and I play volleyball ( church league ). I love pool and ping pong as well! I have won three tournaments in pool and I have placed in all the tournaments I have been in. I am proud of my pool achievements.
  I love the outdoors! I love whitewater rafting and mountain biking!
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ARC Clan ~GE~
I will post this later. But, I have a sister, a mom & dad in my household.
  I have a half-sister but, she's like ummm..... 29 or 30 ..... she's moved out and married.
I have the world's best friends! They have been here for me through thick and thin!
  A special thanks to Tiffanie Farren, Gabriel Jolley, Brandi McCoy, Amber Kirby, and Mary Whitaker for being there for me.