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To the World of "Lorne Sonny Warner"

Meet "Lorne"

Christmas 1999

Born in, "Quebec"
A long time ago

"Now the basic history" of

Lorne "Sonny" Warner

I was born in a place called Hochalage, a small Village on the perimeter of Montreal, today it is part of the city in the East end. I was moved to Ontario and was adopted and raised in East end Toronto, in the Woodbine Danforth area. Now with a older brother "Ronald" (deceased 1995)

Ron spent his working years managing several "Canadian Tire" stores all over the city of Toronto.

We attended
St. Bridget's School & my brother went on to St. Michael's College.

At the tender age of nine my adopted mother died, and I started living with various people in many different locations. Living many new and different life styles. Some of which are not too pleasant to talk about. I had to learn life at an early age, and be ready for anything and everything.

Later lived alone in the Keswick Ontario (Island Grove) for couple of years, a very isolated area in those days. I got very fed up with that way of life and I put myself into the "Catholic children's Aid" on Sherborne St. My options were few as I had very little clothing and not much food to eat that winter.

(School books were hidden inside the seat of my pants)

Oooou--oh, that hurts ;-)

As for schooling well, I was lucky here the teachers all "LOVED ME" like this one in the picture above. I managed some how to make it into grade seven (unofficialy).  I also did a few months of grade eight (unofficialy).

School was not my thing in those days.

I got into some trouble, at the Children's Aid and from there I was sentenced instead of jail time to the "Working Boys Home" until I was 16 years old. Soon after I joined the Canadian Army in October 1948

"Royal Canadian Engineers"

"Proud to be a Canadian"


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