Las Tengwar de FŽanor




This website has been created to provide useful information to the Tolkien fan community, specially to those interested in his invented languages. Furthermore, you can find here my Tengwar and Latin fonts. Tengwar fonts are based on the Tengwar alphabet, that is based in the Tengwar characters drawn by Tolkien in Appendix E of The Lord of the Rings. The Tengwar alphabet is not the only one created by Tolkien, and it was used to give a written form to the elvish languages, such as Quenya and Sindarin. I neither want to be redundant here giving information about Tolkien invented languages, which would be necessarily incomplete compared with the comprehensive tratement of the topic to be found in Helge Fauskanger's website, nor to explain the different uses of the Tengwar alphabet according the different languages to be used; regarding this last topic you can find well detailed documents which can be downloaded from Daniel Smith's site.