*FULL NAME: Thomas Edward Yorke

*DATE OF BIRTH: October 7, 1968

*INSTRUMENT: Guitar, vocals, keyboards.

*EDUCATION: Abingdon School; studies English and art at Exeter University.

*PREVIOUS BANDS/JOBS: Played guitar in Exeter techno bandFlickernoise; worked as an ordely in a mental hospital.

*FIVE KEY WORDS: Creative, guarded, sarky, moody, hyperactive.

*FAVORITE MUSIC: (Past influences) Elvis Costello, Scott Walker, Japan, R.E.M, Throwing Muses, Joy Division. (Current
faves) P.J Harvey, Faust, Can, Prince Buster, DJ Shadow, Laika, The Verve, Penderecki.

*NOTES: During his first year at Exeter University he sported a long coat and a trilby hat: Steptoe & The Bunnymen chic. Still likes clothes. Changes his hairstyle more often and more radically than the others. Writes the bulk of the songs which band arrange and mutate. Drives a Fiat Uno.

STUFF HE'S SAID: "I'm a control freak." "I can't delegate. I don't care what anybody says about burning myself out because I just feel like I have to do all this stuff, it's too important." "Exit Music was the first performance that we recorded where every note of it makes me really happy." "Being in a band turns you into a child and keeps you there." "It's a fine line between writing something with genuine emotional impact and turning into little idiots feeling sorry for ourselves and playing stadium rock." "The others were all brought up to be polite. I wasn't."

*WHAT THE OTHERS HAVE SAID ABOUT HIM: "He's very quiet. He can get tense very quickly. He's moody and childish and aloof but he can also be very affectionate and friendly." (Jonny) "If he has a day off he'll spend it shopping." (Jonny)

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