believe me this questionnaire is different from the first one

full name: thomas edward yorke
born: october 7, 1968
blood type: red
hobby: being in a band. sleeping. worrying.
favorite bands and musicians: magazine, scot walker, the fall, japan, REM, moonshake, the beatles, public enemy, elvis costello
biggest influences on your life: dreams, norm chomsky, television, cities, people, love.
favorite book: ben okri "the famished road"
favorite films: "a night on earth", "les amants du pont neuf", "arthur"
please describe yourself: difficult/ creative sometimes.

how would you describe the other members in the band?:
phil: drummer. very nice
jonny: clever. likes jazz and wrong notes.
colin: educated. prone to lunacy. so ciable.
ed: tall. charming. secret "alarm" fan.

who is your ideal man: charlie chaplin
who is your ideal woman: joan colins
worst job you ever had: selling badly made suits to middle aged idiots. on commission.
why did you choose your present part: no one else wanted to do it.
which son do you like best among all of yours: all the new ones.
one funny episode from your career: drinking overnight in paris, doing a great show that evening, getting drunk, falling asleep on our tour bus, waking up at heathrow airport, getting on a plane arriving in new york. doing a quick rehearsal, going out for a meal. all in 24 hours.
what did you want to be in your childhood: a pop star
who would you like to be, if you had a new life: michael cain
if radiohead were a family, which part would you be: the puppy dog that the youngest child had for its birthday that still shits on the carpet.
why did you turn to music: it is one of the few art forms that can pay well. also i love it more than anything.

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