The Unofficial Ensign Sailing Home Page

The Unofficial Ensign Sailing Home Page

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Action at the Windward Mark from the 1965 Yearbook.

Ensigns are the largest class, by far, of full-keel, one-design sailboats in the United States. The 22-1/2 foot sloop was designed by Carl Alberg and produced by Pearson Yachts of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Since 1962, nearly 1800 have been built.

Ensign Specifications and Sail Plan

For Ensign Schematic and Sail Plan Click Here

L.O.A.:              22'6"                       Main:             140 sq. ft.
L.W.L.:              16'9"                       Blade Jib:        86 sq. ft.
Beam:                7'                          Working Jib:      61 sq. ft
Draft:               3'                          #1 Genoa:         150 sq. ft.
Design displacement: 3000lbs.                    #2 Genoa:         111 sq. ft.
Ballast (lead):      1200 lbs                    Spinnaker:        375 sq. ft.


Ensign Class Fleet Four racing dates

June Wickford R.I TY COBB July Wickford R.I Summer series August Edgewood R.I Summer Series September Wickford R.I Jim Gray

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