The Genealogy Web Page of  The Earnshaw Family
of Rotherham

This is Margaret Ensor's Family History page. I was born and reside in the Rotherham, South Yorkshire area. 

The photograph is of my father Norman Earnshaw taken in Australia when he emigrated to Fremantle because of lack of work in England. He arrived there in November 1929 on RMS Oronsay.  He stayed for two years and returned by stowing away on three different ships because there was less work there than in England.

Generation                Name                                   Relation              Born         Died

1          Margaret Ensor nee Earnshaw                                           1935

2          Norman Earnshaw                        Father                             1907          1956

3          William Earnshaw                       Grandfather                     1889          1915

4          Tom Earnshaw                           G Grandfather                   1865          1901

5          Edmund Earnshaw                     GG Grandfather                1846          1901

6          Maria Midway Ward nee          GGG Grandmother           1816          1884


7         John Earnshaw                            GGGG Grandfather           1790         1843

8        John Earnshaw                            GGGGG Grandfather         1757          1817

9       William Earnshaw                        GGGGGG Grandfather       1716           ?

10     Robert Earnshaw                         GGGGGGG Grandfather    1680?        1762

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