Elysium Nights Theater

is an Interactive Theatre Group (also known as a LARP) roughly based on White Wolf's Mind's Eye Theater. Interactive literature is any dynamic art in which multiple participants interact at the same time to create a story. Our chronicles began on December 1998.

Enter and add your tales to our story, and rember to tell yourself it is only a game.

Next Event is February 21st!!

Event Calender 2009
January 17th (Downtimes Due January 27th)
February 21st (Downtimes Due March 3rd)
March 28th (Downtimes Due April 7th)
April 18th (Downtimes Due April 28th)
May 23rd (Downtimes Due June 2nd)
June 20th (Downtimes Due June 30th)
July 18th (Downtimes Due July 28th)
August 15th (Downtimes Due August 25th)
September 26th (Downtimes Due October 6th)
October 24th (Downtimes Due November 3rd)
November 21th (Downtimes Due December 1st)
December 19th (Downtimes Due December 29th)

Take a look at what White Wolf   has to say about us!