2.17.03 - 11:50 AM [Grom]

Yes!  I got the contact section up but now I have to figure out how to squeeze a form in there.  It'll be fun to try, and I'm sure I'll get that up in just a few... HOURS!  :)  Anyway, just another news post to test out the i-frame because I stretched it out a bit to make it fit.  Yay.

2.17.03 - 11:30 AM [Grom]

Yes, a second news post.  I bet you weren't expecting that so soon were you?  Well, that's me.  I'm just so totally unpredictable don't ya know?  Actually, I just wanted to see how this'd look on an i-frame.  So back off monkey kids.

2.17.03 - 11:28 AM [Grom]

Welcome to my website. Here, you will learn all about me and get to see some of my work, be it writing, coding, or graphics. Whatever, I'll just post up a bunch of crap that you really don't care about anyway. Won't that be fun?

Anyway, I expect to have a lot of changes. Keep in mind this is v.5 so it's not even a full layout. Just consider it a toss up of what I really want to accomplish here. Anyway, enjoy my friends. 

I want to stretch this out so those other sections get a little.. you know.. disappeared. That way it looks a little cleaner. So, you piece of poo, understand that this paragraph is so I can see how it looks. It has no other purpose.. ahaha.... yeah.

2.22.03 - 3:36 PM [Grom]

I made quite a few changes. I gave up on the iframe just because I figured out that it wasn't possible to make them fit. So I just used an overflow to create an automatic scrollbar. Not quite as fancy or as quick as an iframe, but it'll do.

I messed around with quite a few styles of links but I settled on the fading ones. I also changed the scrollbar color and a few changes to the contact form. Now the biggest challenge I have is to integrate some graphics into the layout. We'll have to see how it works out.

Welcome to v.5 of Grom's Domain. This is practice so don't expect much.

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