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  I was born in 1946 in V.Tarnovo, Bulgaria. At the age of 7 I started playing the violin and continued to do so until my admission to the upper secondary school of music in Varna, Bulgaria in 1960. There I started playing the double bass. The following years were quite intensive, which made it possible for me to win the first prize for double bass in the National Contest for Children and Youths in 1964.

Later in that year I also gave my fist solo concert with piano in Varna.

After being admitted to the Musical Conservatoir in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the Autumn of 1967 in the class of professor Todor Toshev, perhaps one of the most productive periods of my life as a bassist and a musician started, filled with successes such as:

First prize of the National Contest for Singers and Instrumentalists, May 1969

Second prize in the well known international contest in Geneva, Switzerland, September 1969 (first prize was not given to any of the double bass contestants).

I continued to partake in musical contests even after my graduation and won the Third prize in the international contest for double bass on the Isle of Man, Great Britain, 1978.

During that time I also gave a numerous amount of concerts with piano and orchestra, participated in several television programmes and made many recordings also with piano and orchestra for the Bulgarian Radio.

I have been a guest soloist of orchestras in the former Czechoslovakia and in Germany as well.

Since the Autumn of 1981, I am the Principal Double Bass Player of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

I have had many solo concerts and participations with piano in Sweden, I have recorded a number of pieces for double bass and piano, as well as for double bass and orchestra for the Swedish Radio. I have also given concerts with other Swedish orchestras.

During 1988 I recorded my first compact disc with pieces for double bass and piano (Bluebell ABCD 018), in 1996 my second CD with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra (Bluebell ABCD 067) and in 1999 my third CD (Bluebell ABCD 081), which contains mostly my transcriptions of pieces for other instruments, an unusual and interesting disc.


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