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Welcome To Star Trek Impulse Factor II where anything is possible. We cover almost every aspect of Star Trek and give you the chance to have your say about anything.

Learn all about Picard from The Next Generation along with each of the exciting missions of the starship Enterprise.

Take a trip through the world of Star Trek Voyager and learn all about the struggles they have had to endure to get back to earth.

Or read all about the newest edition to Star Trek with Enterprise on the new journey to explore the galaxy for the first time.




Iíve really missed Star Trek. Even at their worst, every Star Trek film has at least provided that initial thrill of the stars streaking by to familiar Trek themed score. Anticipation grows as horns swell with majesty and credits roll across the screen, announcing yet another return to old friends. This time, with their 10th, and potentially final installment, the crew of the starship Enterprise promised more than just a return, but an ending, one worthy of their long and fan filled past. Paramount even went out and tried something different, bringing in new people to the franchise both to direct and write the film, spending real money on the movie to hire better effects artists and quality designers, hoping to change the dismal low reached by the franchise with Star Trek: Insurrection. Because of that, Star Trek: Nemesis is not a total failure, but nevertheless  click here to read more

27/12/02 - The homepage is having the final touches added to it with the main picture being created for the front page of the homepage.

28/12/02 - Adding the navigation bars today but not yet ready to add any hyperlinks

29/12/02 - Bringing the site online today for a preview to see what people think whilst advertising and the advanced parts are being set up.

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Welcome to Star Trek Impulse factor II !!! The following text is for the search engines. Come in to view all of your favourite moments from star trek including information on the star trek the original series, star trek voyager, star trek deep space nine, DS9. Our site also covers a range of topics such as information on the LCARS database, star trek, starfleet command, the federation of planets, voyager, schematics, picard from the star trek the next generation, janeway from star trek voyager, sisko from star trek deep space nine and archer from star trek enterprise. Star trek is a product of paramount. This includes coverage of star trek the original series and all of the federation starships from the original series, the next generation, voyager, deep space nine and enterprise. All of the cast of the original series, the next generation, deep space nine and enterprise can also be found on this star trek website. We cover william shatner, captain james t. kirk, Leonard Nimoy, spock, DeFOREST kelley, Dr leonard McCoy, james doohan, montgemery scott, george takei, hikaru sulu, nichelle nichols, uhura. All of the cast from the next generation such as patrick stewert, captain jean luc picard, jonathan frakes, commander riker, le var burton, geordi laforge, denise crosby, natasha yar, michael, dorn, worf, gates mcfadden, beverly crusher, marina sertis, deanna troi, brent spiner, data and wil weaton, wesley crusher. All of the cast from voyager such as anthony De Longis,Q, Ethan Phillips, neelix, Garrett Wang, harry kim, Jennifer Lien, kes, Jeri Ryan, seven of nin, Kate Mulgrew, captain janeway, Robert Beltran, commander chakotay, Robert Duncan McNeill, tom paris, Robert Picardo, the doctor, Roxann Dawson, torres and Tim Russ, tuvok. Our site also has other areas such as Star Trek, LCARS, Federation, Schematics, Voyager, Enterprise, Deep Space Nine, DS9, Defiant, The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Archer, Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Borg, TOS, TNG, VOY, NCC-1701-E, Gene Roddenberry, sci-fi, Vulcan, Andorian, Klingon, Delta, Gamma, Batta, Alpha, Quadrant, Impulse, Factor, Dilithium, Trilithium, Generations, Fist Contact, Intrepid, Galaxy, Nubula, Space, Romulan, Kazzon, Caretaker, Commander, Ensign, Bridge, Red, Yellow, Green,  Alert, Command, Q, Trek, Nerd, Alien, Race, Join, Newsletter, Reviews, Nemesis, Wallpaper, Armada, Nude, Ship, Picture, Game, dvd, Sound, Convention, Font, Magazine, Music and Movies.

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