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Top 5 hits. 
  • In His Hands
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • Heart Shaped Box
  • Where Did You Sleep Last Night
  • Very Ape

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  • Bleach
  • Nevermind
  • Incesticide
  • In Utero
  • Unplugged in NY
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    That's right, the rumors are true, we have got a ton of tabs, we probably have all the tabs that YOU could think of, please feel free to visit this page, even if you don't have a guitar, guitar tabs......
    In His Hands
    In His Hands is my favorite song by Nirvana, In his hands.Check out this site. I put up stuff about it.    In His Hands
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    My Legendary, fully java script , top of the line, Quiz. It will take your breath away.
    What was that? Sounds.
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    This page has some sound files on it, not much but it will get you started, don't forget to delete these files after 24 hours, Sounds!
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