long time since an update. as you can see, the enthralled site is totally different, new logo, new layout. we were forced to cancel all upcoming shows due to matters within the band. we have a big show in the works, nothing is official yet but we can let you know that it will be September 1st and will be at Dock Street. however the bands playing arent your typical "dock street" bands. aside from that the demo is FINALLY going to be recorded. we aim to have them as well as our new shirts,pins,and stickers at the show September 1st.


last night was a great show, alot of friends there and the metal hordes were in attendance...you know who you are....every band was good and we look forward to sharing the stage with each one of the again on June 25 for night 2 of the summer thrash bash


we go on stage at 9 friday


thanks to everyone who came out to port richmond last night,it was a good show. next show it may 13 at dock street. this show also features Unholy Trinity, Into the Dementia, Decimate, and Pax Satana.


thanks to all who came out to the beer goggles show, we have been added to a show at Port Richmond High School on May 6th, so check that out, also May 13th is in 2 weeks, and if you can only make it to one show make that the one


thanks to everyone who came to the show last night,it was fun. next show is April 23 at beer goggles, we go onstage at 3,so try to get out early


we will be going on stage at 10:30 at dock street on friday


ok, big update. enthralled is happy to say that we ahve a new singer, Rich Simeone. he adds alot of energy to the band and i think it was a good move. last night was the good mourning black friday show at dock street, people seemed to really like the stuff and get into it. dock street had to of had at least 125 people in it last night. big thanks to our friend in unholy trinity,decimate,and into the dementia for playing an awesome show. ,so i would say the turnout was a success as was enthralleds performance.


we go on at 9 tomorrow, and have shirts in sizes Large and Extra Large for sale through anyone of us for 7 dollars

see you at the show


enthralled has been booked for alot of shows the dates are - 3/25,4/8,4/23.5/13,5/21, and 6/25. details will be available soon in the shows section. shirts are in the shop people,they will be 7 dollars,with a sticker or cd,whichever we have first.


enthralled has been booked for 2 new shows in March and April, also shirts are being made soon along with the recording of our demo

big thanks to all those who came out, especially unholy trinity and the dunwich horror for playing, awesome fucking show.


enthralled will be playing at Dock Street on March 25 with Unholy Trinity and Into The Dementia.


new album named: odin hanging


enthralled goes up at 8:00 on dock street

join the fight against emo, mother fuckers.


history, pre 2/07/05

enthralled owns your soul


no shows planned as of yet, check back soon