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My name is Anakha and I would like to welcome you to The Entities' homepage. The Entities are ex-students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, actually they are one ex-student, but they like to believe that they are different people inhabiting one sick little person's mind and body. This sick little person believes that too. The Entities now work for M-Web. (Visit M-Web, appparently it's all happening there.) Anyway since it's the techno age, some of The Entities decided to get websites. And since I don't have a website of my own, and because I'm such a nice, for lack of a better word, person, The Entities have asked me to create this homepage, which is the nexus to all their websites. Basically their websites are about their interests. There are 7 entities, and of the 7, 5 have websites, so unless you're a very old, retarded, born-again christian, you will surely find something you like in here. No, scratch that, even the fortunately retarded would find something they like in here. This site can best be viewed at resolution of 1024 * 768. It looks sick at 800 * 600 at the moment, but that's because I've been trying stuff out, should be fixed fairly soon, methinks. Or probably never, but who cares cos you weren't supposed to find it anyway, no? The Entities are listed below in order of dominance. Just follow the clickable links to visit the websites they've created, or use the Navigation bar at the top.

The Entities:

  1. Subbie

    He's what you might call a computer geek. He likes anything that's even remotely related to computers or science fiction. Excluding Science fiction books, of course, they almost never have the cool special FX. They rely too heavily on a person's own imagination. And besides, he thinks reading is too slow.

    Email Address:
    Sex: male
    Race: Android

    Favourite computer Games:
    1. Soul Calibur
    2. Tekken 3
    3. Mortal Kombat*.*
    4. Warcraft and Starcraft

    He knows the following languages:

    • Clipper
    • Java
    • C++
    • Basic
    • Power Bluilder
    • Cobol
    • Pascal
    • HTML (including CSS and DHTML)
    • Javascript
    But, except for Clipper, Basic, C++, the HTML and Javascript, and a smidge of Java, hasn't gotten around to actually learning to use any of them.

  2. Rundorig

    He's just a big bookworm. He reads every chance he gets. His favourite category is Fantasy, of course. He likes a few of the SciFi novels, especially the late Frank Herberts Dune series. He's read a few mainstream novels, too, usually if they are funny, or when our older brother tells us to read them and tell him if they're interesting, or else. He also reads satire and books on espionage, and even a little bit of poetry, though he doesn't get what all the fuss is about. He's even read the bible a few times, I guess that does fall under fantasy though. And he also posts on the Usenet Newsgroup, or AFE.

    Email Address:
    Sex: male
    Race: Negroid

    Favourite Authors:

    1. David/Leigh Eddings
    2. Terry Pratchett
    3. Katharine Kerr
    4. Raymond Elias Feist
    5. Terry Brooks
    6. Piers Anthony

  3. Dewey

    He's a sappy little blighter. He's also Caucasian, and also a tad bit racist. Which bodes ill, because he's in a black person's mind and body. Not only that, but two of The Entities are black. But his racism falls away when a beautiful non-white girl passes by.
    Dewey falls in love, on average, all the time. If you didn't know him, you'd call him a Cassinova. But if you did, you'd just call him a pervert, but of course, you'd still be wrong. He's a manipulative, self-righteous, male chauvinistic womaniser. But of course, my opinion is biased, because I know what's going on inside that sick little part of our infinite (for now, we're busy upgrading. It might be more than that soon.) overmind that belongs to him. Anyway, if he isn't chasing skirts, he spends his time listening to (what he chooses to call) music, or more accurately, to The Cranberries, since he doesn't listen to anything else at moment. He's also just a bit technophobic, but he's getting over that.

    Email Address:
    Sex: male
    Race: Caucasian

    Favourite Artists/Music Bands:

    1. The Cranberries
    2. The Corrs
    3. Hole
    4. Alanis Morissette
    5. The Cardigans
    And a few other soft rock bands with female lead singers.

  4. Torak

    He's one of them sadistic buggers everybody loves to hate. His motto is "It's hard to be humble when you're as good as I am!". He is the smartest of the smartest of the Entities. The only things he loves are movies, and himself. He loves action, comedy, horror, adventure, drama, and artistic movies. He absolutely hates SciFi movies, if it weren't for Subbie, he'd never watch them. He also loves anything that's even vaguely oriental.
    He has multiple personality disorder too, but his extra personality isn't as developed as any of The Entities. He used to think he was racist once, but soon realised that he hated members of his own race as much (if not more) as he hates all the other races. And he hates everyone. So he calls himself speciest, he just hates the human species. He tried to get the guys to break up with their girlfriend last year. Which didn't work because the guys love her more than anything in the world (Are you reading this, Katt?).
    Also, because he loves everything that's Oriental, and because Slick (see below) is Chinese, he's helping him take over the world.

    Email Address:
    Sex: male
    Race: Negroid

    Favourite Actors:

    1. Jet Li

  5. Anakha

    Yours truly! There's not much I can say about myself, except that I like the less physical things in life. Like love, intimacy, walks, beautiful scenery, those type of things. Which is probably why I don't have a website of my own. It's almost impossible to have a website on hugs. I also love to travel, the only foreign place I've been to so far is the UK. Although the rest of the guys have been all over. But I'm hoping to tour all the continents at the end of this year (2000). I'm still trying to convince the other Entities that it's a good idea. I wouldn't want to drag them all over the place unwillingly.
    I'm taking up photography as a hobby. Well as soon as I get a camera. So soon you'll be able to find photos of The Entities, their friends and acquantances plus, as a bonus, some pictures of picturesque Cape Town.

    Email Address:
    Sex: female
    Race: Coloured

  6. Slick

    He's the latest member of The Entities. I mean, he's always been there, it's just that he wasn't ready to come in quite yet. I think he'd really love to be Satanist. Presently, with the help of Torak (see above), he's trying to take over the world. Acre by acre. He claims to have taken over 0.0022567 acres in 1999 alone. His plan for world domination requires him to live forever though, so he's hoping that he can cheat Death a bit. Anyway, when he's not trying to take over the world, he spends all his time watching TV, or as he calls it, research and idea-grabbing. He's the one who spends most of The Entities' time. BTW, he thinks he's from Mainland China, just because he has a Mainland Mandarin accent. Stupid, hey?

    Email Address:
    Sex: male
    Race: Mongoloid

    Favourite TV Programmes:

    1. Reboot
    2. SouthPark
    3. The Simpsons
    4. Pinky and the Brain
    5. The X-files
    6. Mortal Kombat Krusades
    7. Friends
    8. Ally McBeal
    9. That '70's Show
    10. Seinfeld
    11. Cow and Chicken

  7. Siphelele Thokozisa Dwight Khanyile

    That's his/her/it's name, I swear. The first, second and fourth bits are very hard to pronounce, but believe it or not, this is what people who don't know about The Entities' psychic division know Us as, it's really weird. He's/she's/it's the one who does all the studying, and work helped by moi and Subbie. He's/she's/it's paralysed from his/her/it's knees up, but at least he/she/it can wiggle his/her/it's toes. The Entities still haven't figured out what sex, race or species he/she/it is.

    Sex : N/A
    Race: N/A

Things they jointly like:

  • The love of their life [You'd better be reading this Katey]
  • Sleeping
  • Coffee
  • Going to the loo. Because of some rather weird mental ailment they can only do that on Monday.
  • The colour red

Things they jointly hate:

  • Waking up
  • Dying
  • People with too many inhibitions, even though they hope they have a few of those things as well.
  • Time - they have to split a limited amount of time between each other. And because of this they each have only a 24 hour week, you do the Maths, the Science and the Biology.
  • Pretentious people
  • Microsoft