KayJay's Enterprise Fiction

It all started with a plot bunny...

Of course, I didn't know it at the time.

It was just this niggling in my brain, an idea, a simple/complex thought.

What if...

Discovering the joys of Enterprise fandom keeps the muse alive and kicking me in the head. EnterpriseAndBeyond, EnterpriseWriteBrigade, our little corner of LiveJournal, Zendom. All are terrific resources for the aspiring fan fiction writer. Alt.Startrek.Creative provides a solid, long-standing place to post stories for a wide audience (but not the only place by far), and their archive at Trekiverse holds over 11,000 Star Trek fan fiction stories to provide inspiration, as well as to entertain.

I never thought "I can do this" until the wonderful folks in this fandom told me, "Yes, you can."

If you think you can't, think again. I did.

You can.

August 2003

Star Trek and all Enterprise characters belong to Paramount. Any original characters and the stories contained here are copyright KayJay. For entertainment purposes only. I make no money from my playground.

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