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In Wendland it is quite common for fairies to have ladybugs for pets.   These pets are treated with the utmost  care and the fairies make sure that their personal ladybugs get taken each day to those places where the most luscious and delectable of naughty insects gather.  The ladybugs are included in the social  occassions given by the fairies and are often featured in parades and various celebrations.  They even have their own  festival, "The Ladybug Bounce"  held at the end of each summer. 
The group of overlylarge ladybugs, known as "The Chubbies", because they are so rollie-pollie, and  chubby, serve as transportation for the fairies, allowing them to ride atop their backs, even flying the fairies around Wendland .  It can be a very tiring thing for a tiny fairy to fly the length and breadth of Wendland.
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Ladybug Parade
Amber and the Giant Frog