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Buy/Sell Mortgage Notes / Real Estate Notes Sell your mortgage notes for Cash - Avoid the RISKS of a DOWN ECONOMY! Bankruptcies are up, Delinquent Payments are up and Foreclosures are up. Is the property still at the same value, or is it declining? Cash Flow is what it's all about. You can have your cash now. Regardless of the type of note, we'll sell it for you or we may buy it.

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Our specialties for improving cash flow include: assisting other professionals with structuring quick sales of difficult properties for their clients, through the creation of mortgage notes or real estate notes which can be liquidated for cash at the close of escrow ('simultaneous closings'); disposing of existing notes to achieve cash liquidity for clients; and structuring transactions whereby private paper can be used in lieu of cash toward achieving investment or personal acquisition objectives.

With our guidance, we have been able to help our clients sell properties that are difficult to sell. Additionally, we have helped buyers purchase properties who had difficulties qualifying. Our techniques have also provided many note holders with the ability to achieve other objectives such as, resolving estate distributions and divorce settlements

We deal in real estate notes, mortgage notes, discounted notes, annuities, viaticals, promissory notes, mobile home paper, business notes, cash flows, joint ventures and trust deeds.

We also handle Airplane Notes, Auto Notes, Boat Notes, Inheritance Paper, Investment Opportunities, and Lotteries.

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