Welcome to the Ultimate Battle


" There is a barrier in the multiverse, which prevents the outbreak or escape of the deadliest object all of time has ever known, Chaos. It came, and went, leaving behind, a havoc, no order and only destruction behind it. The barrier protects us, and all the worlds, and universes in this multiverse. But what if that barrier was broken allowing chaos to escape once again. That time has come now and I Terminus, chaos itself, shall rule the multiverse, once again..."

In this web page, you will be given the tale, of the battle of cosmic proportions. A battle which takes place not only in time, but in the very fabric of reality. Here, reality bends and twists with a flick of a wrist, here, things are not as they seem.

Now step through the gateway between your world, and chaos and order...

Choose your destiny....

Chaotic Forces Order of the Universe