What Happened to make all the Reboot characters look so, uh, so, uh, strange? THIS!!!

Strange Appearances: A What if Story by Entrix.


"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!" Dot yelled. She couldn't believe this was happening (then again she couldn't believe that her big gun actually fit). Unaware, her finger aimed at her eye, and went into it. " OUCH!" she yelled. She looked up at the violet system sky and a tear came down her cheek. Megabyte and Hexadecimal on the other hand were happy.

" Excellent." Megabyte though to himself. "Now Mainframe is mine. I wonder how I should celebrate? Lets see, these are my options, threaten mainframe, kill all who oppose me, or, order a mega energy shake! It is a complicated decision!" he thought with joy.

Dot looked down to see the broken glitch. She was in love with him, now he was gone. She bent over to pick it up.

"Happy, HAPPY, HAPPYYYY!" Hex thought. Now with mr.order shot into the web, CHAOS would finally rule. Of course ruling meant order. She immediatly wiped the thought out of her head. She turned around to see Dot, bent over picking up the broken glitch. " Now to give her my smile!" Hex said. She walked towards the heartbroken Dot when Mouse stepped between them and fired something out of her ring. " AHHHHHH!" Hexadecimal screamed.

"Come on sugah, I don't think were welcome here anymore." Mouse said with the thought of revenge in her head. Dot shook her head wiping her shock away, and the two of them jumped onto mouse's ship and blasted off.

" THE'RE ESCAPING." Hex yelled. She wanted to show Dot her smile. Now she was mad. But from what was happening, it seemed like Dot would see alot of her.

"Let them run, they will soon discover there is no where left to hide." Megabyte thought. Of crouse he knew there would be somewhere to hide, and it would be fun to find them, kinda like the WHERE'S FALLDO books he had read two nano's ago. " Commander, destroy the remaining spores, and shoot the CPU's out of the sky." He said something to himself and went over to hex's side. She had no idea what he had planned for her.

Hex got up and looked around her, there were explosions, and no sign of order, except for Megabyte. She had to get rid of him. The time would come for that, and for her to be extra HAPPY HAPPY HAPPEEE!!!!!!!

Inside the principal office Phong had a relieved face on him as he thought: " No more web! I should congratulate Bob and Dot when they return, and maybe thank the Virals." He got ready to put on his shades when a CPU message began: " Were under attack, the ABC's are attacking us!" the screen went fuzzy. Phong rubbed his eyes. " Not again, I just upgraded the screen. I outa find whom ever designed this system and have a word with them." he thought. The thought was irrelevant and he wanted to know where Bob was. " Bob," but before he could call again, Mouse and Dot entered the room. Dot had her finger in her eye, and mouse the look of grief and revenge on hers. He knew something bad had happened. " Maybe it's just Dot's eye, or maybe someone stepped on my pong game, or maybe, Bob, maybe Bob went somewhere, like Dot's Diner." 

" He can't hear you phong." Dot said.

" HAS HE GONE DEAF?" Phong thought. But he thought he had done enough thinking so he decided to ask what had happened." Mouse Dot, where is Bob, what has happened?" 

The only answer Dot gave was handing a little device to Enzo. To phongs horror it was glitch.

" HEY MAYBE I GET TO KEEP THIS!" Enzo thought. But when Dot said: " I'm sorry." Enzo knew this wasnt true. He held the glitch and yelled: " NOOOOOOOOO!" suddenly his finger went up, pointed itself to his eye and went in:

" OW!!!" Ezno said. Dot saw this and thought : " I guess this runs in the family. Grampa Matrix poked his eye out." Just then the vidwindows opened to reveal a smiling Megabyte and Hexadecimal.

Phong looked at at the screen and began thinking once again: " Why are they smiling, oh dear, I must have left my cabinet open again." (compare phongs cabinet with the ziper on a pair of jeans)

" Thank you all for your valient effort in fighting the web." Hex said.

" Unfortunately it was all for NOTHING!!!" Megabyte said nearly hitting his head on the vidwindow.

Gasps were heard in the room. One came from phong who had realized he had left his cabinet open. He immediatly closed it and looked back up at the screen.

" As we speak, your CPU's are being shot out of the sky. Phong, surrender the principal office, and welcome to MEGAFRAME!" Megabyte said smiling.

" well at least he welcomed us." Phong thought.

" I love it when he talks like that." Hex said.

Phong became angry, very angry and he made fists (which was hard to do considering he had only three fingers) and said: " WE WILL FIGHT YOU TO THE LAST MEGABYTE!!"

Megabyte was shocked. He hoped that they would surrender. His plans were ruined. He was about to say that HE surrendered when he remembered: " You have no defences you fool. Your guardian is lost. NOTHING can stand in our way, Mainframe is ours." 

Phong got an idea. He had to find Nothing and tell him to stop megabyte. But before he could say anything Andraia said: " WRONG! We do have a guardian." right about here, Megabyte tried not to look scared but inside he was thinking: " OH MY GOD!! THEY HAVE A GUARDIAN!!! DOH!!! I thought i could rule mainframe!!!"

" Guardian your key tool." andraia said. " Remember what Bob said.

Enzo remembered many things: " stay frosty, down frisket, AHHHHHH," but most he remembered: " You are now a guardian, level one." Enzo looked up, placed glitch on his hand, (the one that wasnt in his eye) and said: " I am guardian Matrix, charged for defending this system. Two viruses take over my home, I DONT THINK SO!!!!!" Enzo said. " I know so" enzo thought.