A short time ago in a galaxy RIGHT HERE…


Episode One: The Birds Mark

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Sina stood up on the bench, " I HATE 5th PERIOD LUNCH!!!"

Graham grinned and said, " Oh yeah, if you are really emperor of everything, why don’t you just change that? Huh? Whats your stupid reason this time Sina?"
Sina fell off the bench and hit the ground hard. " You dare question me??? I am SINA, ULTIMATE RULER OF THE ENTIRE MULTIVERSE AND ALL OUT WITHIN SIDE OF EITHER BOX OF IT!!!" His hands were high in the air in a leader gesture. Graham was not impressed and he yawned.

" How boring." Graham said showing no emotion other than boredom (which some may argue is not even an emotion) on his face.

Sina stared at Graham and tried to worm his way out of seeming inferior. " OH YEAH!!! Well I didn’t see you in the first WAR OF CHAOS STORY!!!"

" That’s because you never bothered to mention me because I was superior to you!" Graham said pointing out.

" What the? Says who?" Sina yelled with anger.

" Says I, NOW SIT YOUR ASS DOWN AND EAT YOUR FOOD!" Graham said finally fed up with Sina.

" Can I have it?" A squeaky voice said. Sina and Graham looked around and could see no one. Ignoring the sound, they went about their businesses. " WELL, CAN I HAVE YOUR FOOD?"

Sina jumped 20 feet and hit the roof hard. " JIBRAN!!! What the? Where are you?"

Sina looked down and saw Jibran there. Angered, Sina made fists. " So, I see where this is going…trying to get me killed eh? HUH!!! VULTURE!!! You’ve taken over the floor eh? Well…TAKE THIS!!!"

Sina dropped his sandwich onto Jibran’s face who ate it joyfully. " BLAST!!" Sina said. " You should have been angered, NOT HAPPY TO EAT IT!"

" Shat ap!" Jibran said getting up.

" See Graham, this is what I mean! VULTURE!!!" Sina yelled pointing directly at Jibran. Jibran yawned and said,

" By the way Graham, the chemistry homework I copied from you was done wrong. You did something wrong. See, when you mix this and that, " Jibran said pointing to the homework he copied from Graham, " You get this! NOT THAT!"

Graham shook his head, " But Jibran, you forgot to carry the one."

" NO!!! NOO!! Noo!!" Jibran said shaking his head.

Graham pointed out that in fact Jibran had forgotten to carry that one and Jibran lowered his head in shame and said quietly, " Yeah, yeah, yeah."

Sina started to laugh, " Haha, FOOLS!!! You have homework! I do not! I have Mrs. Macfarlane."

At that moment, Rama’s head appeared through the wall and he said, " MISS MAAACFARLAN!!!" Upon saying that, his head vanished back into the wall.

There was a moment of confusion in the 5th period lunch group, but that was normal taking into account the school they were in. Constant confusion everywhere, it was all part of daily life at Woodlands.

" Hey Jibran, when is the next UN meeting?" Sina asked shoving some food in his mouth.

" There is no more UN, BAHAHWAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!!" Jibran said laughing evilly. Noticing that he had all eyes on him, he quickly added, " Oh, there just isn’t a meeting yet. It isnt very organized. BUT LAST YEAR I WAS HEAD!"

" Really?" Graham said with interest.

" Yeah." Jibran replied proudly.

" Ah, I see." Graham said rubbing his chin. " And how exactly does one join this UN club?"

" You will not. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!" Jibran said laughing again. "NO ONE WILL BE SPARED!!! NO ONE!!!"

" Stop that." Sina said.

And with that, Jibran vanished. A few minutes later, Jon and Aaron walked by.

" Anything new happen in Physics today?" Jon asked.

Sina glared at Jon with hate due to the fact he had dropped Physics and taken LUNCH instead while Sina was left with the WRATH OF SHAIKH!

" Nothing much. Mr. Shaikh showed us how to fly though." Sina said.

At that moment, a large bird like being swooped down on the group and made a loud croaking sound.

" Oh, hey Nurdin." Sina said.

" Fly, I know how to fly!" Nurdin said.

Jon and Sina sighed at once and said at the same time, " Well, your nick name is Burdin anyway! We all expect you to be able to fly!"

Nurdin shrugged and said, " Oh, well how come I couldn’t fly in the first WAR OF CHAOS story?"

Sina immediately had a response, " Because you were full rooster then. Now you are half man half bird. At night you turn full rooster once again, and everynight you go around in people’s farms eating their crops."

Nurdin had confusion on his face, " ooohhhhhkaaaayyyy…." He said. Everyone stared at Sina and he quickly added,

" Well, that’s from my perspective anyway." Everyone nodded in agreement.

" You people, OI!" Graham said suddenly.

" What about us people," Sina said as Nurdin lowered his head, " and bird men?"

" You must be the weirdest group of people I have ever seen." Graham said.

" Explain." Jon said sitting down on the bench. At that moment, the bench collapsed from under him and he fell down yelling, " AHK NOOO!!"

Sina chuckled slightly and Nurdin shook his head. Graham sighed in disappointment and Aaron was shocked, but none the less he started to laugh.

Getting up and very angry, Jon looked directly at Aaron and said, " You know, you really do have the apple sauce IQ."

" Yeah," Aaron replied, " But I get those socks for free!" He laughed nervously and Sina started to shake in confusion.

" BUT…DE….NOOO!!" Sina said getting a seizure.

John sighed and ignored Aaron. Graham explained his reasons.

" Well, we have Sina, ALL MIGHTY RULER OF WHATCHAMICALLIT!" Sina beamed but Graham had more to say, " And we all know he is dillusional." Sina tripped upon hearing that. Graham continued, " Then we have Nurdin, who is half man, half bird/rooster. Then we have Jon, who always wears black."

" BLACK IS THE COLOUR BETTER THAN THE NEXT ONE!!" Jonathan shouted, but Graham ignored him and continued,

" And Aaron, with his apple sauce IQ! Not to mention Jibran." Graham said.

Everyone nodded in agreement about that last one. It was true, how could they deny it.

The buses rolled into the driveway (of which they cannot drive on) of the Woodlands lining up forming a large ring of yellow.

Sina blasted out of the door in a rush to find his bus. Running too fast and failing to run properly, he tripped again and smashed on the floor.

" Ouch." Jibran said. Sina got up immediately and shook his finger at Jibran "You VERY VERY BAD MAN!!!"

Jibran walked away and Sina saw Jon and Michelle and Chrissy and Graham on the bus.

" Hey, uh, do we have any homework?" Sina asked.

At that moment, a large box weighing several tons fell on his head, it was labeled, MAAAACFARLAN HOMEWORK!!!

" Sorry I asked." Sina said flat on the ground.

The bus drove onto Sina’s back. " OWWW!!!" Sina yelled as bus after bus drove over him. Following the buses was a large elephant parade followed by a large heavy weight champions parade, all of whom crushed Sina horribly. As the dust and smoke faded, Sina lay on the cement in pain. Nurdin swooped down and said,

" Heh, now you know how I feel!"


Walking home, Jibran had a grin on his face. Every person who walked by would wave in appreciation to his smile…but there was something dark and sinister about his smile. Something evil, something that had the, " ALL WILL TREMBLE BEFORE ME!!!" grin on it. Jibran continued to smile as he walked home thinking to himself,

" Soon, everything will fall into place. Today was the first day of the rest of my life. I will make sure that Sina falls. Today’s homework dropping followed by bus rolls and elephant parade was no accident…I caused it. And soon, he will join my ways, or be punished for it!" Jibran took out a smoke bomb to make an excellent exit and lit it.

" Soon, I will rule the world!!! BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!" BOOOM!!! But Jibran had not dropped the smoke bomb fast enough, and it exploded in his hand………as it always did. The mark of the NEW BIRD ON THE BLOCK (no relation to Nurdin) WAS MADE!!! It was a crater.