::Insert Star Wars Music::


Episode Two: Gradual Supremely

Sina stood up proudly and said beaming, " FRUIT TO GO!!!" He held up the majestic compressed fruit in its very bad looking wrapper to display to the students of his math class. " This my friends, is what keeps me alive until 5th period!" He opened the fruit to go and shoved it down his throat. " FULL OF FRUITY GOODNESS!!!"

" But now, its Fruit to," Sina swallowed, " Gone." Jonathan added. Sina nodded and talked with his mouth full.

" Very good stuff! Tasty! Unless it’s grape flavored, then that really stinks!" Sina said.

Jibran spoke in a mockative voice, " Why, did it fall into the toilet?"

Sina mocked back, " No, it did not fall into your potty mouth!"

Jibran looked confused, " But, I don’t swear."

" He doesn’t." Graham added.

Sina looked around nervously, " Well, it was a figure of speech, it went well with the whole stink potty thing, didn’t it?"

Jon shook his head, " No Sina, sit down." Sina lowered his head and sat down. The second time this week he had been defeated brutally. Maybe he didn’t have the right stuff anymore (I have no clue what you sickos out there thought regarding STUFF, but it aint what your POTTY BRAIN made it out to be!)

" Well, here are the results of your tests!" Mr. Monetta said. " Come up when I call your name. Graham." Graham stood up, took his paper, looked at the mark and nodded aproovingly, it was a good mark. " Jonathan." Jonathan too went up and received his test. It too was pretty good. The class went up and all of them nodded approvingly (except for a few) regarding the test mark. Then it was down to only Jibran and Sina. They awaited their name to be called in a furious state of nervousness.

" Sina." Sina’s name was called and he went up. He took his sheet and immediately he fell down on to his knees, " NOOOOOOOO!!!!" His horror filled scream echoed through the halls.

Meanwhile where Nurdin was…

The teacher spoke in the same voice causing all the people and Nurdin to fall asleep. " Of course the war was battled with boring ships. These ships fired cannons, ball like objects that shot out of the cannons known as cannons." At that moment, a cry filled the room,

" NOOOOO!!!" Nurdin stood up immediately and started to squawk like a parrot. Over and over again he made the same noises over and over again until the teacher said in the same voice,

" Mr. Birdin, please sit your feathered buttocks on the nested chair."

Nurdin looked around, saw a few giggles and sat down.

Back where Sina was…


Jibran stood on his chair and started to laugh, " Hahaah, Bwahhaha, BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!"

" Oh, sorry, I gave you Jibran’s test Sina. Here’s your real test." Mr. Monetta said. Jibran fell off his desk and crashed into the ground falling to the next level. Sina took his test happily and flew to his desk proudly.

" Jibran, would you get off my desk." Nurdin said below.

Jibran shook his head, " No, why don’t you get off my desk!"

Nurdin shook his head, " Because I’m not sitting on your desk!"

Jibran took the pointer stick the teacher had, used it as a baseball bat and slammed Nurdin onto his seat. Jibran laughed evilly, " BWHAAHHAHA!! You are now!"

Nurdin turned to Jon and Sina who said at the same time, " He’s got you there." Nurdin got up and left the room. Jibran flew back up to the room and sat on his own desk.

" Jibran, take the test Sina had that was so bad." Mr. Monetta said.

Jibran walked over and took his test, looked at it and mumbled, " Soon, things will change. BWAHAHAHAHHA!!!"

" That’s the spirit!" Mr. Monetta said joyfully, " You are gonna start studying, arent you?"

Jibran gave a disgusted look and said, " No…soon this school will be mine!"

" OHO!!! That’s right Jibran, work your way up the ladder and be aware of the splinters!" Mr. Monetta laughed. The class burst out laughing. Jibran crumpled up his test and threw it in the garbage clearly distressed. As he sat down, Sina held his own test up to Jibran’s face.

" Put that away!" Jibran yelled swatting the test like it was a fly.

Sina smiled, he still had it!

" Fruit to go!" Sina said standing up in Physics class. Everyone clapped and laughed as Sina ate the fruit to go.

" Sina, sit down! THIS IS NOT A FISH MARKET!!!" Mr. Shaikh said in a serious tone. Sina sat down and swallowed his fruit to go…

Meanwhile, in a FISH MARKET…

::insert strange foreign music::

" Fish to go!" Anis said swallowing the fish on the stand where fish were being sold. At that moment Mr. Hkiahs came out of the stand and pushed Anis off. " What, you think this is a joke? THIS IS NOT A PHYSICS CLASS!"

It was at that moment something strange happened in the universe. It was a parallel world that was connected to our own version of Earth. A universe where things were not as they seemed (more or less, less actually).

" Today what we are to be going to do is learn about Velocity." Mr. Shaikh said.

" OH!!! Let’s see how fast I can fly around the room!" Sina said. He got up and flew around the room very fast. At that moment, Mr. Shaikh took out his motion detector and held it up to where Sina was flying.

" Oh, very very good!" Sina was impressed with himself and as a result crashed into the brick wall. " All except that landing, or crashing there brick wall!" Mr. Shaikh quickly added.

As Sina was filled with pain, he could have sworn he heard Jibran laugh. Since Jibran was in the other room, Sina decided it was impossible. Then he remembered, THIS IS A WAR OF CHAOS STORY!!!

Walking towards the door, he flung it open with his energies and lunged at Jibran.

A few seconds before in Mr. Lee’s class…

" Mind! This chemical mixture will make the room stink like something really stinky!" Mr. Lee said about to combine the mixtures.

" Oh! Like Sina’s Fruit to Go!" Jibran said. He started to laugh. " BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!" At that moment, Sina burst through the door and lunged at him.

::insert planet of the apes music::

" DIE!!!" Sina yelled jumping at Jibran. His hands grabbed Jibran’s throat as Jibran’s caught his.

" YOU FIRST DIE!!!" Jibran said choking Sina.

" No UN meeting eh? What do you call this? HUH!?!" Sina said very angry.

" Sina, this is chemistry!" Graham shouted. Sina released his grip on Jibran and brushed his shoulders to make sure any bits of dust were gone.

" Oh, well, why was he laughing?" Sina asked.

" Oh, he laughed at your fruit to go." Graham said.

" WHY YOU VULTURE!!!" Sina yelled lunging at Jibran again. But this time, Jibran was a tad bit faster and stepped aside. Sina crashed into the chemicals causing them to mix. The mixture creature a combustable thing that caused Sina to fly towards the roof.

Meanwhile where Nurdin was…

" No Nurdin! Put is the command to put text! Not actually put! I mean, a hand wont come out and put your hat on a table! It is a command! It doesn’t actually PUT THINGS!!!" Ms. Young asked.

Nurdin stroked his chin with his feathers, " Oh I beg to differ." At that moment, Sina’s head came through from the floor from the ground below.

" Oh, sorry, I had a little accident." Sina said flying back down. As he landed he gave an evil eye to Jibran. Why had he been so slow compared to Jibran that time. Clearly another force was at work, but what. He walked back into the Physics class where a rift in the space time-continuum opened up and a large fish fell onto his head. Isaque started to laugh,

" Hehe! A few more of those and this really would be a fish market!" Mr. Shaikh glared at him and the class went on.

Fifth period lunch came very quickly and Sina ran to the benched to open his lunch box. On the way, a foot stuck out and tripped him.

A red glow of anger came around Sina as he yelled, " JIBRAAAAAN!!!" The glow intensified as Sina floated up to face the tripper. He turned around to see Jibran standing there laughing at him.

" Oh, sorry, I didn’t see you." Jibran said with an innocent look on his face. At that moment several people came up to Jibran and started saying, " Crime stoppers are dedicated to stopping crimes! Let’s go Jibran and stop a crime!" They dragged Jibran away, Jibran was dragged away laughing. " BWAHAHAHHAHA!!!" Something about the laugh indicated that he had something going on.

::insert Darth Vader Music::

" BWAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!" Jibran laughed in the crime stoppers hall. He had control of the crime stopper also!!! " BWAHAHAH!!! Now Crime Stoppers is in my control too! With the UN on my side, and the crime stoppers I will be invincible! BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Then Jibran sat down in his cartoonishly evil chair and spun it around to face several large screens, much like that of a James Bond story.

On the screens several numbers came up. They were the numbers one through three. The first screen started flashing and Sina was shown on it. It was a replay of the math class. The video started to play.

Sina stood up proudly and said beaming, " FRUIT TO GO!!!" He held up the majestic compressed fruit in its very bad looking wrapper to display to the students of his math class. " This my friends, is what keeps me alive until 5th period!" He opened the fruit to go and shoved it down his throat. " FULL OF FRUITY GOODNESS!!!"

Jibran paused the replay and zoomed into the wrapper Sina had just taken the fruit out of. He rewound the play and Sina threw up the Fruit to Go perfectly into the wrapper.

" This my friends, is what keeps me alive until 5th period!" Sina said. Jibran pressed the pause button as Sina started to eat the Fruit to Go. " Hmm, keeps you alive until 5th period. I have a brilliant idea!" Jibran said. At the thought of his idea he started to laugh, " BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA! Well then Sina, it would be a shame if Fruit to Go because FRUIT IS GONE!!! How will you live then? YOU WONT!!! And with your death, I will take over the school!" He pressed a button and a screen with a Prefect came up.

" Yes master Jibran?" The Prefect said. He wore a black jacket and had an evil JIBRAN grin on his face.

" I want you to cause several crimes in the school. Allow the crime rate to go out of control. I want you to make sure no crimes are solved! With the crime rate going out of control, the foolish Woodlands students will have to vote me as school President! And then…WBAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!" The screen turned off and Jibran continued to laugh.

At that moment Nurdin walked into the toilet stall and saw Jibran laughing. Becoming rather confused as to why Jibran was sitting in a high-tech chair in a toilet stall Nurdin said, " Uh, ok, you do that. I’ll use the next stall." He closed the door and Jibran continued to laugh.

Nurdin opened the door to the other stall and he saw a bald man sitting in a similar high tech chair just as a helmet came onto his face. It was Darth Vader, in a toilet stall. Nurdin closed the door to this stall and stood around rather confused and in pain due to the fact that he really had to go! NOT FRUIT TO GO!!!

He ran around looking for another stall, but every toilet stall he opened, a villainous sat in a high tech chair. It was Dr. Evil, the Joker, Bill Gates, Cad Man, Britney Spears (yes, Nurdin even tried out the girls washroom but they were filled with evil villians too). And so, trying very hard not to plop on the ground, Nurdin ran home.

Sina sat down and ate his foot. " So, how’s life Graham?" Sina asked.

" OK." Graham replied. At that moment, Nurdin crashed out of the wall behind them (where the beatles used to recite) and ran out the school yelling, " IS THERE A TOILET STALL WITHOUT A VILLIAN IN IT IN THIS DAMNED SCHOOL? I NEED A STALL!!! ANY STALL!!!"

Realizing he needed to put Nurdin out of his misery, Sina snapped his fingers. Outside, several thousand toilet stalls fell on Nurdin. Sina laughed slightly, but there was something odd. It had required a lot more energy to cause the forces of chaos to drop those stalls, but why. It was as if something was draining all of his energy. Something bad was going on, and Sina could feel it. The Sandwich had a rock in it.