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Episode Three: Fruit to Gone!

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Jibran sat in his chair in the toilet stall smiling and tapping his fingers. " Very good Prefect 9. You have done well. I will congratulate you on a job well done. Very well don-"

" I get the point sir." The prefect said irritated.

" HOW DARE YOU!!! I am not yet finished! Because of this insult, I WILL NOT CONGRATULATE YOU!!! I will not say job well done! I will say this though…WHAT DOES SOMEONE HAVE TO DO TO GET A CUP OF COCOA HERE???"

" Um, sir, that prefect is out to lunch."

" Very well then. You know what to do. NO PREFECT WILL BE AT LUNCH WHEN THEY ARE NEEDED!!!" Jibran roared angrilly.

" HEY!!! Are you going to come out or not?" A voice said from behind the closed stall door.

" Who might you be?" Jibran asked turning around.

" You don’t need to know! All you need to know is that I have to use this stall! Right now! So, if you are done talking to your prefect minion, could I use it?"

Jibran sighed irritably. " Blast it. Very well then. I will be out in a moment. Job well-done Number 9. Without his Fruit to Go, Sina will be weakened, and with him weak, I WILL TAKE OVER THE SCHOOL!!! BWAHAHAHHA!!!" He pressed the flush button on the bathroom and everything folded up neatly and flew down the drain. Jibran stood up and grinned. Walking out, he saw Jon running into the stall he was just in.

" JIBRAN!!!" Jon yelled after he closed the door. " LOOK AT THIS MESS YOU LEFT!!!" Jibran chose that moment to run. Laughing evilly, he ran out of the bathroom. Everything was falling into place.

Sina typed for several minutes in his newest Turing program. He was creating a program that would make all sorts of pretty colours appear in random numbers, something like out of the matrix.

" Sina, how come you don’t use 3d-studio anymore?" Max Man said coming on the screen.

" I have it at home now, I don’t need you here yet. But thanks for asking. Know that I care." Sina replied.

Jon walked over and saw Max Man on the screen, " Oh, hey Max Man! Tell me, how’s life in the cyber world?"

Max Man sighed and turned into a teapot, " Well, its been pretty boring. Nothing much done anywhere, no hacks, no nothing." At that moment Max man released a cry of pain.

" You all right?" Jon asked.

" CAD MAN!!! Stop poking me!" Max Man yelled. Cad Man’s face shoved Max Man’s off the screen and started smiling,

" Hey, Sina, Jon, buddies! Wanna let me out of this box so I could take over this crummy planet?" Cad Man said with hope in his eyes.

" No. Think you look better in this box, with no where to go." Sina laughed.

Cad Man made an angry face and yelled, " BE WARNED!!! One day, I WILL ESCAPE AGAIN!!! And then, BWHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHA OW!!! MAX MAN!!! Stop throwing warped spheres at me!"

" You get off the screen! I had it first!" Max Man yelled throwing more chaotic spheres at Cad Man.

" OI!!! You stop!!! Don’t make me draw out an army and cut and paste!" Cad Man threatened.

" That makes the two of us!" Max Man said beaming.

" Ah, true. You can cut and paste too…very well. I’ll go back to my 2 dimentional world now. See ya." And with that Cad Man vanished.

" Listen, Max Man, I have a lot of work to do, so I have to reset now." Sina said placing his hand on the reset button.

" NONO!!! At least send me an email once in a while."

" I DO!!! Everyday!" Sina yelled.

" Ah, I forgot, I don’t check my email anymore…anyhow, bye." Max Man said disappearing.

" That was odd." Sina said.

" What do you expect?" Jon pointed out. " It’s Woodlands!"

Sina nodded, indeed it was.

" NO MISS MAAACFARLAAN! 1 plus 2 is 3!" Rama yelled.

" I TOLD YOU!!! There is no three!" Miss. Maacfarlaan yelled back.

" But, its right there!" Rama pointed out.

" Ah, well, that’s somewhere else!" She quickly erased the three and grinned.

" Don’t try to win Rama, you cant now." Sina said.

Rama lowered his head and shook his fist hard.

" SHAKE HARDER BOY!!!" Rama shook harder before giving up. The bell didn’t ring signaling class change. Sina got up smiling.

" TIME FOR…" At that moment, the entire class yelled, " FRUIT TO GO!!!" Sina smiled and eagerly opened the lunch box. But his face went pale. " Fruit to go…is…is…gone!" He said tears coming into his eyes.

" But, you didn’t even eat it!" Jon said alarmed.

Sina shook his head and looked under his desk, " Fruit to Go? Where are you? You didn’t actually GO did you?"

" Yes I did." A voice said.

" DAMN!!! What am I going to eat! Two more periods left! I’ll starve to death!" Sina said.

He walked out of the portable and into the school into math class where the class soon began.

Math class went badly, thing made sense. Sina didn’t have enough energy to make them not make sense (or make sense and have no sense at the same time). His eyes were blurry, and the only thing he could see was the orange hat, the hat of Jibran. DUM DUM DUM!!!

" Will you shut up!" Sina yelled throwing a book at the drum guy.

" Sorry." The drum guy replied.

Suddenly, it seemed as if Mr. Monetta’s voice went female. But then Sina realized it was an announcement.

" Crime stoppers emergency announcement! Someone stole Portable B! Someone has stolen the roof of the school! Along with several gloves, cars, and even students! If you know anything about these odd occurrences, please tell us. Remember no crimes, just tips! Q-TIPS!!!" The announcer stopped.

" Aw man! Fourth time today!" Graham said. " Man, the crime rate is slowly going higher."

" And so is the advertisement rate! They advertised Q-tips this time! I can’t believe that!" Jon said looking at the speaker where the announcement came from. At that moment, Jibran started to laugh. " BWAHAHAHAHHAHAA!!! FOOLS!!! You are all doomed!!! Unless you vote for me as SAC President!"

" You?" Sina said surprised, " SAC president? It will never happen! I wont let it happen!" Sina lunged at Jibran but crashed while trying to fly.

" Whats the matter, haven’t been eating your vegetables?" Jibran asked in a mockative voice.

" No, I have had my vegetables…just no fruit…I NEED FRUIT TO GO!!!" Sina said in pain on the ground.

" Well, isn’t that bad. Someone stole your Fruit to Go…IF YOU VOTE ME AS PRESIDENT, I WILL MAKE SURE NO MORE FRUIT TO GO VANISHES!!!" Jibran said standing on his desk.

Using whatever energy Sina could grasp at that moment, he kicked Jibran’s desk causing him to fall.

Sina started to laugh, " BWAHAHAH!!! HAHAHHAHAH," but started to cough in between.

" Woah, that’s a first! You coughed while laughing!" Jon said again in alarm.

" I need…fruit…to…go…or…will…die…or…starve to death." Sina said gasping for breath.

" NOOOO!!!" Jon said getting out of his seat and running downstairs. Moments later, he returned with Apple Pie from the cafeteria.

" THIS HAS FRUIT!!! EAT IT!!!" Jon said taking it out of it’s box. Sina took the pie and shoved it down his throat. He was given little energy at that moment, but it was enough to make him stand up and get back to his seat.

" NURDIN!!! GET OUT OF HERE!" Sina yelled shooing Nurdin away.

" I need a place to stay! The Prefect’s destroyed my nest! Come on!" Nurdin begged.

" No!!! You sit there!" Sina pointed to the corner. Nurdin lowered his head with sadness and went to the corner where he sat.

Physics came very slowly. Walking down the stairs, Sina slumped more than walked, much like a drunken person. Halfway down the stairs, his feet gave away and he rolled the rest of the way down.

" Ow, my head." Was all Sina could say. People walked on his head as he just lay there sighing. Nurdin walked by, " Hehe, just like me." Using some of the energy he had saved for the occasion, Sina snapped an anvil into existence, it fell onto Nurdin.

" Yeah, just like you." Sina said getting up after the crowds had gone. He walked into physics to find the room half empty.

" Sina!" Adit said upon seeing Sina come.

" Where is everyone?" Sina asked dropping his stuff onto the desk.

" Not sure. Even Mr. Shaikh seems to be missing." Adit said.

" Another crime stoppers announcement, several more people are missing! Make that several dozen! Remember to tell us if you have any information, cause we’re really stumped on this one! Oh! Elections for SAC president are tomorrow." A voice said through the announcements.

" But, we already have an SAC president." Adit said.

" I don’t know what the heck is going on." Sina said falling down again.

" Oh, our SAC president has also been stolen, so that answers your question Sina." The voice said again.

" There you have it." Adit said. Sina shook his head and tried to get up. He couldn’t and Adit came to help him up.

" People…are missing. Gimme a minute." Sina said. He slumped over to the door separating his Physics class with Jibran’s chemistry class.

He opened the door to find it also half empty. " So Jibran, I am on to you. I know what this is all about." Sina said pointing at Jibran.

Jibran got up, " Blame me? For what?" He chuckled slightly.

" YOU ARE A VULTURE!!! VULTURE!!!" Sina yelled.

" He’s also fat." A voice said.

" YOU ARE ALSO FAT!!!" Sina yelled.

" I am not!" Jibran said.

" True, I stand corrected." Sina said. At that moment several prefects came into the chemistry room.

" Graham Murdoch, please come with us, we have proof for the Quadratic Equation thingy." The prefect said.

Graham stood up joyfully and ran with the Prefects. " If I didn’t know any better, I would say you are kidnapping people!" Sina said.

" Well," Jibran said, " You don’t know any better. So get back to Physics!" Sina walked back slightly confused and weak. At that moment, the bell rang (which was odd because of the fact that it was ringing several minutes (and hours) early.

The rush of Woodlands students rushed to get to their 5th period classes. As for Sina, he did not wait any longer. He took out his lunch and swallowed it whole.

" Mmmm, tuna!" Sina said relieved that he was no longer hungry.

" THIS IS NOT A FISH MARKET!" A voice said. Sina looked around but could see no one. This usually happened at Woodlands.

With his energy back, Sina went in search of Graham or Jon, or Aaron, or someone with his lunch. Flying around the school at high speeds, he searched the school for any sign of his friends. But he could not find them.

" JIBRAN!!! This is all Jibran’s fault!" Sina yelled. " Everyone is missing! EVERYONE!!!"

" I’m still here!" Nurdin said flying up behind him.

" Well, I meant people! You are a bird! Not human. Have you seen anyone lately?" Sina asked stopping flying.

" Yes, just you, but that’s it. I was looking for Jibran, but I couldn’t find him or anyone else." Nurdin said.

Sina thought for a moment, " This is odd. I think Jibran is behind this whole thing. And I couldn’t do anything! I need a substitute for FRUIT TO GO!" Sina said.

" Want some seeds?" Nurdin asked. Sina stared at Nurdin and snapped his fingers. A large bag of seeds fell on Nurdin.

" I take that as a yes?" Nurdin said flattened on the ground. Sina walked away trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

People were missing everyone…announcements regarding missing items and even people were constantly being reported. He couldn’t find anyone to help him. He couldn’t find his fruit to go. Everything was falling out of place (in the bad sort of way) and there was no way he could stop it. As he walked through the almost deserted halls, he could have sworn someone (most likely Jibran) was laughing from somewhere. He really needed to find a substitute for Fruit to Go. The journey home had never been so difficult. Sina could barely fly on the bus, he was getting weaker and weaker. It would be only a matter of time before he was like some amoeba. Or worse…